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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Vancouver, George, 1757-1798
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Cote NO, l'Amerique.
Depot de la Marine
Atlas Map; Chart Map
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Engraved map. Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Covers the coast from western Alaska to northern Mexico. Full lines show the vessels' tracks north, with dotted lines showing the vessels' tracks south. Note below cartouche: Les cotes sans ombres dans l'est du Cap decision sout tirees des cartes Espagnoles; Les cotes sans ombres dans l'ouest de l'Ile St. Hermogene sone tirees des cartes Russes.
Cf. Falk, M.W. Alaskan maps, 1799-3 (1799 ed.)
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North America
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Carte de la partie de la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique. Reconnue pendant les Etes de 1792, 1793 et 1794 depuis 29054' de latitude nord et 244033' de longitude orientale, jusqu'a au Cap Douglas par 58052' de latitude et 207020' de longitude, par le Capitaine Georges Vancouver commandant la Decouverte et le Chatham; avec les routes de ces deux batimens; Redigee par le Lieutenant Edward Roberts d'apres les reconnaissances et les observations. Voyage de Vancouver. No. 3. (Paris: Depot-general de la Marine, 1828)
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Roberts, Edwd. (Edward), Lieut.
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France. Depot-general de la Marine
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Neptune des cotes occidentales d'Amerique sur le Grand Ocean.
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Cf. National Maritime Museum. Catalogue, 256.
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This volume 7 of Neptune Francois forms an extensive atlas of charts of the western coasts of North and South America, with most charts dated or updated to the 1820's. 25 charts are listed in the index, yet 36 charts are present here. This copy is from the library of the Duc d'Orleans. This issue must be later than the NMM 256, since it has 10 extra charts dated from 1823 to 1828; the latest date in NMM256 is 1822. The eight Vancouver charts appear to be original issues or restrikes from the original plates; the La Perouse charts are absolutely restrikes on newer paper, with the Mappe Monde updated in Australia to show the coastal discoveries in the south. The progression of engraving style from the La Perouse to the 1828 charts is most interesting. The charts of Mexico and South America are largely copies of the Spanish Marine charts issued in the early 1800s showing the Malaspina Expedition tracks (see W. Heckrotte's copy of the Spanish charts). Bound in full red leather covers with decorative gold border and the same titles as above stamped on the spine.
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Chart Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 2005
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Carte de la partie de la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique. Reconnue pendant les Etes d…