Detail View: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: Partie du Japon. Asie no. 61. (Dresse par Ph. Vandermaelen, lithographie par H. Ode. Deuxieme partie. - Asie. Bruxelles. 1827)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Delavault, A.; Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869
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Partie du Japon. Asie 61.
Ph. Vandermaelen Bruxelles
Atlas Map
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Hand col. lithographed map. Covers portions of west-central Honshu and southern Hokkaido. Relief shown by hachures. Shows sea routes of Krusenstern in 1805. Prime meridian: Paris. Includes lengthy "Suite de la Note sur le Japon" (redigee par A. Delavault).
Hokkaido (Japan)
Hokkaido (Japan); Honshu (Japan)
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Partie du Japon. Asie no. 61. (Dresse par Ph. Vandermaelen, lithographie par H. Ode. Deuxieme partie. - Asie. Bruxelles. 1827)
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Ode, Henri
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Hassel, S. G. H., 1779-1829; Vandermaelen, Philippe, 1795-1869
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Atlas universel de geographie physique, politique, statistique et mineralogique, sur l'echelle de 1/1641836 ou d'une ligne par 1900 toises, dresse par Ph. Vandermaelen, Membre de la Societe de Geographie de Paris, d'apres les meilleures cartes, observations astronomiques et voyages dans les divers Pays de la Terre; Lithographie par H. Ode, Membre de la Societe de Geographie de Paris. Premier partie. - Europe. Bruxelles. 1827 ... Deuxieme partie. - Asie ... Troisieme partie. - Afrique ... Quatrieme partie. - Amer. sept. ... Cinquieme partie. - Amer. merid. ... Sixieme partie. - Oceanique. (with) Statistique de l'Europe d'apres Hassel.
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Phillips, 749; Koeman Vdm 1; National Maritime Museum, 179; Wellens-De Donder, L. Philippe Vandermaelen 1795-1869, 4-5.
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A complete set of the six volume Atlas Universel in original bindings of half red leather teal cloth covered boards with title "Vandermaelen. Atlas Universel..." embossed in gold on the spine. This monumental work was the first atlas of the world with all maps on the same scale (and a large scale at that - about one inch to 26 miles) and the first lithographed world atlas. If all the maps were joined together they would form a globe of 7.75 meters in diameter (such a globe was made in Brussels). The maps were published originally in parts of ten maps each, beginning in 1825 and ending in 1827. Vandermaelen's maps are frequently misunderstood because each map is usually best comprehended in the context of its neighboring maps - the maps do not function well on their own, since they were all meant to be joined. Koeman states that "His atlases, although unique in concept and size did not possess that fine touch of cartographic style which make them attractive for a collector..." We strongly disagree - the graphic art of the maps must be appreciated in the context of lithography, a developing art at the time; as lithographs, they are very well done. For many of the areas depicted, these maps are the largest scale maps made at the time, and the most detailed (particularly in the American West). Maps are hand painted in outline color.
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World Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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