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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Parke, John G.
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Profiles San Francisco Bay-Los Angeles & Pimas Villages-Ft. Fillmore.
T. Ford XII.
A.O.P. Nicholson I-XI
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Five uncolored profiles. Contents: No. 1. Profile from the Rio Grande opposite Fort Fillmore to the Rio Gila at Maricopa Wells, Pimas Villages -- No. 2. Profile from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay, California Coast route -- No. 3. General profile near the 32d parallel, from Fulton on Red River, Arkansas to San Diego, California, via Fort Yuma and Warner's Pass -- No. 3a. Profile from Fort Yuma on Colorado River to San Francisco Bay via San Gorgonio Pass and Los Angeles, California -- No. 4. Profile of a proposed route for a railroad between the Port of San Diego and the Gila River, California from a survey made by direction of the San Diego and Gila Railroad Company by Charles H. Poole, Chief Engineer.
WC 262.
California; U.S. West
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Profiles from San Francisco Bay to Los Angeles, Cala. and from the Pimas Villages to Fort Fillmore from Explorations and Surveys made under the direction of The Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War by Lieut. John G. Parke, Topl. Engrs., assisted by Albert H. Campbell, Civil Engineer and N.H. Hutton, H. Custer and G.G. Garner, assts. 1854 & 55. Explorations and Surveys for a Rail Road Route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. War Department. Route near the 32d parallel & coast route, Cala.
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Campbell, A. H. (Albert H.); Custer, H.; Garner, G.G.; Hutton, N.H.; Poole, Charles H.
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Pacific Railroad Survey; Warren, Gouverneur Kemble, 1830-1882
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Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made Under the Direction of the Secretary of War, In 1853-56, According to Acts of Congress of March 3, 1853, May 31, 1854, and August 5, 1854. Volume XI. Washington: George W. Bowman, Printer. 1861. 36th Congress, 2d Session, Senate, Ex. Doc.
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WC 262.
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This Quarto issue of the report is the House issue, except for volume XI which is the Senate issue. W. Heckrotte has an unusual copy of the Warren U.S. map found in this report. It is dissected on linen and is an earlier version of the map published with the Quarto report. It has 40 authorities vs. 42 in the quarto issue map, shorter note to left of authorities, lots of plate differences, especially: nothing in Owyhee area, differences in N.M., Calif., etc. Looks like someone asked for the map before it was finished -see the Lack of ocean lines in the top half south of Gray's Harbor. In 13 volumes. Bound in full leather with "Explorations and Surveys for a Railroad to the Pacific Ocean" and the volume number on the spine in gold.
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Exploration Book
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Profiles from San Francisco Bay to Los Angeles, Cala. and from the Pimas Villages to…