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Burt, Martha Wyckoff
Description States, "Martha Wyckoff Burt;" depicts a library setting with a child seated on top of a stack of books and holding an open book for another child to see. The image is surround by a floral borders. Signed at bottom with monogram "PBF 1895."
Format 1 print : b&w, 10 x 8 cm.
Artist PBF
Cameron, D.Y.
Cameron, Katherine
Description States, "Katherine Cameron" with motto "Ars celare artem;" depicts a cherub and rising or setting sun. Signed at bottom "D.Y. Cameron Sculpci 1895."
Format 1 print : b&w, 12 x 8 cm.
Artist Cameron, D.Y.
Spenceley, J. Winfred (Josep …
Sands, M.M.
Description States, "M.M. Sands;" depicts a tree with the view of a lake and mountain seen through the branches. Signed at bottom "J.W.S. '95."
Format 1 print : b&w, 5 x 9 cm.
Artist Spenceley, J. Winfred (Joseph Winfred), 1865-1908
Hopson, William Fowler, 1849 …
Stoddard, E.G.
Festina lente
Description States, "Ex-Libris E.G. Stoddard" with motto "Festina lente;" features an image of a library setting, a ship, a shield, horses, a portrait, and a crown. Signed at bottom "W.F. Hopson 1895."
Format 1 print : b&w, 14 x 11 cm.
Language Latin
Artist Hopson, William Fowler, 1849-1935
Lmick, Karl
Description States, "Ex-libris Karl Lmick, Crafzu Leiningen-Besterburg;" depicts an interior setting with a chaise, books, flowers, and an open winodow with a view of a town. Signed "Schuncherz 1985."
Format 1 print : b&w, 11 x 8 cm.
Artist Schuncherz
Wheeler, Florence Syla
Description States, "Florence Sylva Wheeler;" depicts a young reading an open book with a magnifying glass and surrounded by stacks of books, two roses, and his bow and arrow all of which is framed by an oval garland. Signed at the top right "Del. HE Sc. M.D.CCC.XCV OP 24."
Format 1 print : col., 12 x 9 cm.
Artist EH
A.W. Elson & Co., D. de la F …
Whitmore, William H.
Description States, "William H. Witmore. Boston Mass.;" depicts two Native Americans and a woman draped in garland holding a tablet that states "Ancestral Tablets. Collection of Diagrams for Pedigrees…Eight Generations of the Ancestors of any Person…By William H. Whitmore, A.M...." Signed at bottom of tablet "D. de la Fueille 1695. A.W. Elson & Co. 1895."
Format 1 print : col., 10 x 10 cm.
Artist A.W. Elson & Co., D. de la Fueille
Carnegie Library Pittsburgh
Description States, "Class…Book…Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1895. The Bernd Department of Architecture;" features a shield with three eagles displayed, ribbon and a border of garland. Unsigned.
Format 1 print : col., 7 x 8 cm.
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