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Japan. Tetsudōs …
Covers: Dai Nih …
Case Map
Author Japan. Tetsudōshō
Full Title (Covers to) Dai Nihon tetsudō senro zenzu = General Railway map of Japan / Tetsudōkyoku. Meiji 28 [1895]
Publisher Tokyo : Tetsudōkyoku
Note Covers of loose weave tan fabric on cardboard boards.
(Canada) Govern …
Covers: Map She …
Case Map
Authors (Canada) Government Railways
Full Title (Covers to) Map Shewing the Railways of Canada to Accompany Annual Report on Railway Statistics. 1886. Collingwood Schreiber, Chief Engineer and General Manager of Government Railways. Office Of The Chief Engineer And General Manager Of Government Railways. Compiled by E.V. Johnson, M.C.S.C.E., In charge of Draughting Offices. Drawn by A.M. Edmonds. The Burland Lithographic Co. Montreal. (seal) Department Of Railways And Canals Canada. (in red) Railways Of Canada. In Operation And Under Construction. 31st December, 1886 ...
Note Accompanies the Annual Report on Railway Statistics. With full printed color, the railways shown in red. The map is in two sheets, each dissected into 54 sections. The map sheets are folding with marbled end sheets and a brown cloth slip case 21x14 with a label reading "Canadian Dominion. London: Edward Stanford, Wholesale & Retail Mapseller, &c. 55, Charing Cross. Schreiber ..."
Watson, Gaylord
Cover: Western …
Case Map
Authors Watson, Gaylord
Full Title (Covers to) Watson's New County and Railroad Map of the Western States and Territories, With the Cities of New York, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco, 1874. Published by Gaylord Watson, 16 Beekman St., New York. Entered ... 1871, by Gaylord Watson ... Washington. (with) 5 inset maps: City of San Francisco, City of New York to 110th Street, City of Chicago, City of St. Louis, War Department Weather Map.
Note 4 inset city maps and a War Dept. Weather Map. This is Watson's Western States Map in a new configuration with city plans - in order to make it a companion to the Railroad and County Map of the U.S. and Canada, which came with it, also dissected, with "United States" on the covers (see #2540.000), this map has "Territories" on the cover. Above the title is an explanation of the "American System of Weather Signals." The Chicago map shows the Burnt District in red. Lots of useful text spread around, in the classic Watson manner.
Watson, Gaylord
Cover: United S …
Case Map
Authors Watson, Gaylord
Full Title (Covers to) Watson's New County and Railroad Map of the United States and the Dominion of Canada Compiled From the Latest Official Sources, 1874. Published by Gaylord Watson, 16 Beekman St., New York. Entered ... 1871, by Gaylord Watson ... Washington. (with) 5 inset maps: Routes of the Union, Central & Kansas Pacific Railroad, Vicinity of Boston, Vicinity of Philadelphia, Vicinity of New York, Lower Part of Florida.
Note 5 inset maps, Vignette of Locomotive under title. Shows the route of the "Proposed Atlantic and Great Western Canal." Also an inset of the Union, Central & Kansas Pacific Railroad. Population tables, statistics, etc. Highly detailed map showing railroads and counties and cities in the eastern part of the U.S. and Canada. Has "United States" on the cover and is the companion map to the Map of the Western States... with "Territories" (see #2539.000) on its cover. Copyright date is 1871. For some reason, Modelski does not list all these early Watson maps, but only a few maps dated 1874 and later, perhaps Watson did not deposit all his maps with the LOC.
Watson, Gaylord
Cover: United S …
Case Map
Authors Watson, Gaylord
Full Title (Covers to) Watson's new rail-road and distance map of the United States and Canada. Compiled from the latest official sources. Published by Gaylord Watson, 16 Beekman Street, New York. 1871. Entered ... 1868, by Gaylord Watson ... New York. Engraved by Fisk & Russell, N. York. (with) Routes Of The Union Pacific Railroads. (with) Vicinity of New York. (with) Vicinity of Philadelphia. (with) Vicinity of Boston.
Note With the railroad engine "San Francisco" as the cartouche. Shows railroad lines of the eastern half of the U.S. going west to Nebraska and Texas. Includes 4 inset maps. Copyrighted in 1868, although Modelski shows no earlier edition than 1871. With lists of all the railroads in the United States, length of track and cost of road and equipment. The style of the map is very different from the later Watson maps of the mid 1870's -- it is more diagrammatic, showing only the railroads and drainage and political boundaries. Catalogue of Watson's maps on inside front cover. Outline color by state, covers are dark brown cloth 18 x 12 stamped with "Watson's rail-road and distance map of United States and Canada." Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.
Lubrecht, Charl …
Cover: American …
Case Map
Authors Lubrecht, Charles, Rosa, R.
Full Title (Covers to) The American Continent. Topographical and railroad map of the United States, British Possessions, West Indies, Mexico and Central America. Compiled from the best authorities, by R. Rosa, late Col. 46th Regt. N.Y.S. Vol. Published by Ch. Lubrecht & Co., 12 Frankfort Street, New York. 1864. Agents For Great Britain: Bacon & Co., 48 Paternoster Row, London, England. For Germany, Switzerland And Italy: Fr. Volkmar, Leipsic. Lubrecht & Co., Stuttgart. Revised Edition. Entered ... 1864, by Ch. Lubrecht & Co. ... New York. (with) Central America.
Note 1st edition. 2nd edition was1865, another edition in 1869 (Karrow 1-1683). German edition published in 1864. (Karrow 1-1655). Inset of Central America, text on top of map describing British American Possessions, Time Tables, and U.S. Census for 1860. We can find no earlier edition of this map, so the "Revised Edition" is puzzling. Lubrecht lists three foreign publishers for this map: Bacon in London, Volkmar in Leipsic, and Lubrecht & Co. in Stuttgart. An edition in German is described in Karrow. Later, this map became the more elaborate 1871 "American Union Railroad Map of the United States..." by Hassis & Lubrecht, also published by D.L. Gurnsey (see our copy, WH's copy, and Heaston Cat. 19 for a reproduction). The Proposed transcontinental railroad is shown going south of Salt Lake City, Wyoming is still part of Dakota, and a Proposed Southern Pacific Railroad runs from Fort Smith to Sacramento. Full color by state. Map is dissected into 24 sections and mounted on linen. Folded into black paper covered boards 24.5x21 with "The American Continent" stamped in gilt. Relief shown by hachures.
Argentina. Dire …
Cover: Mapa de …
Case Map
Authors Argentina. Direccion General de Ferrocarriles.
Full Title (Covers to) Mapa de los ferrocarriles en explotacion. Republica Argentina, Ministerio de Obras Publicas, Direccion General de Ferrocarriles. Ano 1924. Impreso en Los Talleres Graficos del Ministerio de Obras Publicas. Septiembre 1924. (with) Ferrocarriles de acceso a Buenos Aires y La Plata. (with 6 additional inset maps of regions surrounding Tucuman, Mendoza, Bahia-Blanca, Cordova, Rosario de Santa Fe, and Santa-Fe.)
Note Shows the extent of railroad development in Argentina in 1924. Dated 1924 on the map and 1925 on the cover. Printed in full color, dissected into 42 sections and backed with linen. Folds into tan cloth covers 14 x11.5 with "Republica Argentina. Ministerio De Obras Publicas. Direccion General De Ferrocarriles. 1925" stamped in black ink on the front, spine reads "Mapa De Ferrocarriles." Prime meridian: Cordoba.
Railroad Commis …
Covers: Railroa …
Case Map
Authors Railroad Commission of Texas, Thompson, R.A.
Full Title (Covers to) Railroad and County Map Of Texas 1906. Issued By The Railroad Commission of Texas. Commissioners: L.J. Storey, Chairman. Allison Mayfield. O.B. Colquitt. E.R. McLean, Secretary. Compiled And Drawn By R.A. Thompson, C.E. Woodward & Tiernan Ptg Co. Map Engravers St. Louis, Mo.
Note A large scale map of the state (18 miles to 1 inch) showing every railroad in operation in 1906. State Railroad Commissions existed in many states in the period from 1890 to 1930, publishing the definaive official railroad maps of their states. See our examples for Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana and California. With full printed color. Map is dissected into 72 sections and mounted on linen. Covers are gray cloth covered boards 21x11.5 with "Railroad and County Map Of Texas 1906 By the Railroad Commission. Frank Trumbull" stamped in gilt.
Colton, J. H.
Cover: Colton's …
Case Map
Authors Colton, J. H.
Full Title (Covers to) Colton's New Railroad & County Map Of The United States, The Canadas &c. Published By J.H. Colton, No. 172 William St., New York 1862. Entered ... 1861 by J.H. Colton ... New York. (inset) Colton's Map of the United States Showing the Proposed Railroad Routes To The Pacific Ocean. (inset) Southern Part Of Florida.
Rand McNally an …
Cover: Mexico.
Case Map
Authors Rand McNally and Company
Full Title (Covers to) Rand, McNally & Co's. general map of the Republic of Mexico constructed from the best authorities showing completed & proposed railways, steamship routes and telegraphic communications. Chicago, U.S. 1882. Rand, McNally & Co., Map Publisher and Engravers, Chicago, Ill. Copyrighted, 1882 by Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago, Ill.
Note Very large hand colored map with detailed engraving. This does not look like the "normal" Rand McNally map - it is probably a separately made map that they acquired the rights to. This copy was sold in England by Edward Stanford and has his label on the case. Map is in four sheets, each dissected into 21 sections. With outline color by state, topography shown in brown, and railways and shipping routes in red. Sheets have marbled end papers with labels reading "North East", "North West", "South East" and "South West", all fold into a brown cloth slip case 22.5x14.5 with a label reading "Mexico. London: Edward Stanford, Wholesale & Retail Mapseller, &c. 55, Charing Cross. Agent by Appointment ..." Relief shown by shading. Prime meridians: Washington and Greenwich.
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