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Marzolla, Benedetto, Society …
Colonia del Capo di Buonaspe …
World Atlas
Authors Marzolla, Benedetto, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)
Full Title Colonia del Capo di Buonasperanza. Questa Carta fa parte dell'Atlante che si pubblica da B. Marzolla, ed e stata eseguita su quella pubblicata in Londra in Aprile 1834, sotto la direzione della Societa per la diffusione delle utili conoscenze ... Napoli 1847.
Note Lithographed map. Hand col. Relief shown by hachures. Inset maps: Contorni del Capo -- Distritto di Giorgio -- Contorni della Citta di Graham -- Citta del Capo. Includes notes.
Society for the Diffusion of …
South Africa.
World Atlas
Authors Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)
Full Title South Africa. (with) Environs of the Cape. (with) District of George. (with) Environs of Graham-Town. (with) Cape-Town. J. & C. Walker sculpt. Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge by Baldwin & Cradock, Paternoster Row April 1st. 1834. (London: Chapman & Hall, 1844)
Note Engraved map. Relief shown by hachures. Boundaries hand col. "Compiled from M.S. maps in the Colonial Office, Captn. Owen's survey, &c." Cape-Town map at (ca. 1:24,000) "from Grieg's Almanac."
Bowen, Emanuel
African Islands.
Geography Book
Authors Bowen, Emanuel
Full Title Particular draughts of some of the chief African Islands in the Mediterranean, as also in the Atlantic and Ethiopic Oceans. By Eman. Bowen. (London: Printed for William Innys, Richard Ware, Aaron Ward, J. and P. Knapton, John Clarke, T. Longman and T. Shewell, Thomas Osborne, Henry Whitridge ... M.DCC.XLVII)
Note Engraved plate with 8 maps. Relief shown pictorially. Each map contains historical and geographical note. Contents: An accurate map of the islands of Malta, Goze & Cuming -- An accurate chart of Cape de Verd Islands, being an improvement of Captn. Roberts's draught -- The Bay of Agoa de Saldanha -- Island of Teneriffe -- A plan of the Dutch Fort at the Cape of Good Hope -- A draught of Table Bay -- Island of Madera -- A correct map of the Island of St. Hellena, belonging to the English East India Company, by Eman. Bowen.
Bartholomew, J. G. (John Geo …
Cape Province, Transvaal, &c …
World Atlas
Authors Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920, John Bartholomew and Son
Full Title Cape Province, Transvaal, &c. - western section. (with) Cape Town. (with Cape Town Region). The Edinburgh Geographical Institute, John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd. "The Times" atlas. (London: The Times, 1922)
Note Col. map. Relief shown by hypsometric tints and spot heights, depths by bathymetric tints. Shows shipping routes with distances, etc. Scale of insets: Cape Town 1:42,240, Cape Town Region (ca. 1:181,000)
Radefeld, Carl Christian Fra …
World Atlas
Authors Radefeld, Carl Christian Franz, 1788-1874
Full Title Neueste Karte von Sudafrica. Nach den besten Quellen entworf. u. gezichn. v. Hauptm. Radefeld. 1846. Aus der Geograph. Graviranstalt des Bibliographischen Instituts zu Hildburghsn., Amsterdam, Paris u. Philadelphia, (1860)
Note Engraved map. Boundaries hand col. Relief shown by hachures. Inset maps: (Grahamtown und Umgebung) -- District von George -- (Cap Stadt und Umgebung) -- Capstadt. Scale of Capstadt inset (ca. 1:28,880). "Meyer's Handatlas No. 93." Prime meridians: Ferro, Paris and Greenwich. David Rumsey Collection copy has annotations in pen-and-ink.
Johnston, W. & A.K.
South Africa.
World Atlas
Authors Johnston, W. & A.K.
Full Title South Africa. (with) The Cape. (with) Cape Town. (with) Durban and Port Natal. Keith Johnston's General Atlas. May 1912. Engraved, Printed, and Published by W. & A.K. Johnston, Limited, Edinburgh & London.
Note Countries and districts outlined in color. Three insets. Relief shown by hachures. Three scales.
Flemming, Carl, Berghaus, He …
World Atlas
Authors Flemming, Carl, Berghaus, Heinrich, Sohr, Karl
Full Title Sud-Africa. (with Umgebung von Cap Stadt). (with) Cap Stadt. Druck u. Verlag von C. Flemming in Glogau. (1855)
Note Hand colored lithographed map. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian: Paris.
Letts, Son & Co.
South Africa.
World Atlas
Authors Letts, Son & Co.
Full Title South Africa. (with) Environs of the Cape. (with) Cape-Town. Letts's popular atlas. Letts, Son & Co. Limited, London. (1883)
Note Colored map. Relief shown by hachures. Shows cities, gold fields, diamond fields, wool growing districts, lights and lighthouses, railroads, rivers, etc. Includes statistical tables.
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