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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Burr, David H., 1803-1875
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Map of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
John Arrowsmith
Atlas Map
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In full color by county with states outlined. Postal routes by coach, stage, sulkey, cross, rail roads and canals shown. In 8 sections mounted on linen. Label on back states "No. 2. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut."
Phillips 4525-2,1379a-2.
U.S. North East
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Map of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Exhibiting the Post Offices, Post Roads, Canals, Rail Roads, &c. By David H. Burr. (Late Topographer to the Post Office.) Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S. John Arrowsmith. Entered ... July 10th, 1839, by David H. Burr ... District of Columbia.
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Burr, David H., 1803-1875
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(The American Atlas).
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Phillips 4525,1379a note; Streeter 3859; Wheat 441; Sabin 9438 (with lithographic views).
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13 separate sheets dissected & mounted on linen. 12 of the maps are of the states, all on the same scale of 10 miles to 1 inch, with the 13th map of the entire United States from coast to coast, a map that Wheat called "in every respect a towering example especially in the Far West, and it is strange that it should be so rare!" Wheat notes that Burr used Jedediah Smith's original map as a source and was "the nearest thing to Jedediah Smith's map that had been published" at that time. The likely date of this copy is 1842 based on the Maine boundary, the additional counties colored in in Michigan, and the general progression of the railroads; however, there have been no changes in the plate since 1839, only changes in the coloring of counties, railroads and boundary lines to indicate a later date. The 1846 boundary of Oregon and Canada is almost certainly a later addition, because the ink is a darker red than the other reds on the map. This set was published as a stack of 13 mounted and folded sheets, without a title page or binding. The U.S. map places the Owyhee River on the Malheur River - is this a misreading of the Smith material, or a correct reading of Smith's mistake because Fremont had correctly identified both rivers. Most of the examples are dissected in quarters; these are dissected in eighths. This "atlas" is one of the great rarities of American 19th century cartography, with complete sets being almost impossible to find. John Arrowsmith engraved the plates in London, an unusual collaboration at this late a date between an American cartographer and a London engraver. The 13 sheets are folded and nestled into a modern beige canvas covered box 53x37 which opens like a book, with title on the spine reading "The American Atlas. David H. Burr. 1839." Maps have full hand painted color.
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National Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 1998
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Map of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. …