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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, 1821-1886
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Temblores en Arequipa; Cortes vertical, caminos; Pongo de Manseriche.
Libreria de Augusto Durand.
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Lithographed graph, 2 profiles, map and view on sheet. Map shows relief by hachures and landform drawings. Scale of Pongo de Manseriche map (ca. 1:54,000)
Chile; Peru
Manseriche, Pongo de (Peru); Maranon River (Peru)
Geology; Roads
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Linea que representa los temblores sentidos en Arequipa desde hasta 1845. Corte vertical del camino del Pacifico al Huallaga. Corte vertical del camino de Arica al Cuzco. Plano del Pongo de Manseriche. Vista segun el corte vertical. Paz Soldan. Geografia del Peru. Grabado por Delamare, Paris, Calle St. Andre des Arts 45. Paris, Imp. Janson, r. Antne. Dubois, 6. (Paris: Libreria de Augusto Durand, 1865)
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pl. LXIV
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Delamare, F.; Janson
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Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, 1821-1886
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Atlas geografico del Peru, publicado a expensas del Gobierno Peruano, siendo Presidente el Libertador Gran Mariscal Ramon Castilla, por Mariano Felipe Paz Soldan ... Paris, Libreria de Augusto Durand, Calle de Gres-Sorbonne, 7. 1865. Paris. - Imprenta de Ad. Laine y J. Havard, Calle des Saints-Peres, No. 19.
Pub Reference:
Sabin 59325; cf Phillips 2769 (Paris: Fermin Didot Hermanos), Phillips 5150 (A. Durand, French Edition); The Map Collector 67, pp 14-18, M. Layland; NMM 487; Phillips. Maps of America, p. 696 (Didot ed.); Catalogue of maps of Hispanic America, v. 2, p. 1
Pub Note:
The first Atlas of Peru, with wonderful maps, plans, thematic maps, views and statistical information. The atlas exudes the optimism of the period. In addition to the forty five maps and plans, there are twenty three views and scenes, including a very large fold out panorama of Paz Soldan's home city of Arequipa. This issue's title page is the same as Sabin's; the title of the copy listed in Phillips does not have the dedication to Castilla and has Fermin Didot Hermanos as the publisher - which is also the case with the copy owned and described by Michael Layman in TM C. Apparently there were two Spanish issues made in the same year in Paris; Durand also published a Paris edition in French in 1865. The contents of our copy and Layland's copy appear to be identical, so perhaps only the title pages were different. Nine of the Department maps in our copy are hand colored, with the rest uncolored (normally the Department maps are uncolored). Paz Soldan published a large six sheet Mapa del Peru in 1864 (see The Map Collector). Atlas is bound in half leather brown marbled paper covered boards with "Paz Soldan. Atlas Geografico Del Peru" stamped in gold on the spine.
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National Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 2005
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Linea que representa los temblores sentidos en Arequipa desde hasta 1845. Corte vert…