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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Blaskowitz, Charles; Grant, James; Holland, Samuel, 1728-1801; Sproule, George; Wheeler, Thomas; Wright, Thomas
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A topographical map of the State of New Hampshire. 1784
Julius Bien
New York
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Facsimile. Includes note "Advertisement." Original at 1:253,440 scale (Cobb, New Hampshire maps to 1900, 61).
New Hampshire
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A topographical map of the State of New Hampshire, surveyed under the direction of Samuel Holland Esqr., Surveyor General of Lands for the Northern District of North America by the following gentlemen his deputies, Mr. Thomas Wright, Mr. George Sproule, Mr. James Grant, Mr. Thomas Wheeler & Mr. Charles Blaskowitz. London. printed for William Faden, Geographer to the King, Charing-Cross, March 1st, 1784. (New York: Julius Bien, 1878)
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Hitchcock, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1836-1919; New Hampshire. Geological Survey
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Atlas accompanying the report on the geology of New Hampshire. C.H. Hitchcock, State Geologist. 1878. Julius Bien, New York.
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Sabin 52833; Cobb. New Hampshire maps to 1900, 348; P2135; Marcou. Mapoteca geologica americana, 229-231; LeGear. Atlases of the United States, L 2299.
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17 maps and plates as called for in Vol III, p.vii of text. Huge folio atlas with 2 plates of views, 2 facsimiles (Carrigain 1816 and Holland 1784), 1 diagram or Camera view, a 6 sheet Geological Map of the state, a 5 (of 6, as issued) sheet Map of the state's Surface Geology, and a map of the Ammonoosuc Mining District. The upper northwest sheet of the Surface Geology map was not printed because it is entirely of Vermont, except for a tiny part of the lower right corner which was covered by making the uppper northeast sheet about one inch wider in the Surface Geology issue than it is in the Geological (six sheet) issue. The matter is further confused by Sabin calling for 16 plates and Phillips and LeGear calling for 9. Cobb calls for 17 and the most important list, in the text of the report itself, calls for 17. We believe this was the only large folio Geological Atlas made of an eastern state, on the scale of the western survey atlases of Powell, Hayden, Wheeler and King, during the same period. Most maps have printed color although the Ammonoosuc Mining District map is fully hand colored.
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Geologic Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 2005
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A topographical map of the State of New Hampshire, surveyed under the direction of S…