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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Adams, D. P.; Blunt, Edmund M. (Edmund March), 1770-1862
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Composite: U.S. coast N.Y. to St. Augustine.
E. & G.W. Blunt.
New York
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Four sheet engraved nautical chart. Relief shown by hachures; depths shown by soundings. Light house coloring added by hand in red. Inset maps: The harbour of New York -- Entrance fo Chesapeake Bay -- Cape Fear River ... -- Beaufort Harbour -- Cape Fear -- Cape Lookout -- Cape Hatteras -- The bar & roads of Occracock. Includes dedication to Saml. L. Southard, Secy. of the U.S. Navy. Oriented with north toward right.
Guthorn, United States coastal charts, p. 9.
U.S. North East; U.S. South
Mid Atlantic States
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(Composite of) The coast of the United States of North America; from New York to St. Augustine drawn and regulated according the the latest surveys and astronomical observations by Edmund Blunt. D.R. Harrison sc. New York: published by E. & G.W. Blunt, 154 Water Street, corner of Maiden Lane. Engraved & printed by W. Hooker, 202 Water Street, New York. Entered acording to Act of Congress the 3rd. day of April 1827 by E. & G.W. Blunt of the State of New York.
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Harrison, D. R.; Hooker, William
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E. & G.W. Blunt (Firm)
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(Atlas of 4 charts on 10 sheets) The north eastern coast of North America from New York to Cape Canso including Sable Island by Edmund Blunt. Published & Sold by E. & G.W. Blunt, No. 154 Water Street ... G. Ely Sct. Engd. by D.R. Harrison. Entered ... 22nd day of July 1828, by Edmund Blunt ... New York (3 sheets); The coast of the United States of North America from New York to St. Augustine: drawn and regulated according to the latest surveys and astronomical observation: by Edmund Blunt ... (4 sheets, 1827); The Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida by Edmund Blunt Hydrographer ... (2 sheets, 1827); The coasts of West Florida, Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana: Drawn from the surveys of Gauld, and improved from other authorities by Edmund Blunt (1 sheet, 1828).
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cf Phillips. 3661; Guthorn. p.9-10, 56, 92-93, 160-161.
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An unusual made up atlas of Blunt's charts in excellent condition, bound in quarter leather marbled paper covered boards for a French owner, with a small leather label on the spine: "Blunt. Ameriq. Septentrionale." The four charts on 10 sheets are all in first editions. Atlases of Blunt's charts are rare, with the Library of Congress atlas of 14 charts on 29 sheets the only other one we have seen.
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Chart Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 2005
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(Composite of) The coast of the United States of North America; from New York to St.…