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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
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California, Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah, New Mexico.
Charles Desilver.
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Counties tinted in color. Meridian Washington and Greenwich. Relief shown by hachures. Showns tribes of Native Americans.
California; Oregon; U.S. West
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A New Map of the States of California, the Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico. Published By Charles Desilver, No. 714 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1856 by Charles Desilver in the Clerk's office if the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 37.
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Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
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A new universal atlas containing maps of the various empires, kingdoms, states and republics of the World. With a special map of each of the United States, plans of cities &c. Comprehended in eighty one sheets and forming a series of one hundred and forty five maps, plans and sections ... Baltimore, Cushings & Bailey, 262 Market Street. 1858. Entered ... 1856, by Charles Desilver ... Pennsylvania. (title page by) Barralet del. Humphreys, sc. J. Knight Sc.
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Phillips, 6135
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The scarce last edition listed in Phillips of Mitchell's New Universal Atlas (although we have seen a copy of a title page of the same atlas dated 1862, published by Charles Desilver). The maps still bear the copyright and imprint of Charles Desilver, but his address on most of the maps is changed from 251 Market Street to 714 Chestnut Street. Several of the maps have changes from the 1858 edition: New Jersey has new railroads, Washington D.C. has the column of References redone, North Carolina and South Carolina have been completely redrawn by J.L. Hazard, Mississippi had new railroads, Minnesota is a throwback to the 1857 edition with "Minnesota Territory" as the title, and there are subtle changes in many other maps indicating that even at this late date there was an attempt to keep the atlas current. This edition marks the end of the New Universal Atlas run, which started twenty three years earlier with the Tanner first edition of 1836. Bound in half leather red cloth covered boards with "Mitchell's Universal Atlas" and an elaborate border stamped in gold on the front and "Universal Atlas. Mitchell." on spine. Maps in full color.
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World Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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A New Map of the States of California, the Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah &…