Detail View: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: England and Wales. Sam Harrison, Scl. Philada. (1822)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Lucas, Fielding Jr.
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England and Wales.
Fielding Lucas Baltimore
Atlas Map
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Engraved. Colored by county. Meridian London. Relief shown by sketches.
Foster, p. 190; Sabin sub 42611; Karpinski 94.
England; Wales
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England and Wales. Sam Harrison, Scl. Philada. (1822)
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Harrison, Sam
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Lucas, Fielding Jr.
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A General Atlas, Of All The Known Countries In The World. Baltimore: Published by Fielding Lucas, Junr. No. 138, Market Street ...
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Foster, p. 190; Sabin sub 42611; Karpinski 94.
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This is a very unusual Lucas atlas - according to Foster, only two copies are known. The engraved title page shows a globe and books on a table, with pages open listing Lucas' products: "Drawing Materials of every kind, Paper of all sizes, Mathematical Instruments, Globes, Maps, and Atlases of every description suitable for Colleges and Schools constantly for sale by the Publisher." It has 31 of the Tanner and Harrison engraved maps of the continents and foreign countries that appeared in the (1815) and (1816) "New And Elegant General Atlas" (only Netherlands bears Lucas' imprint, engraved by Young & Delleker, and is basically the same as the map that appears in the 1823 "General Atlas Containing Distinct Maps..." ). Of the remaining 36 maps, 8 are of South America and the West Indies and are unchanged in the 1823 atlas; the other 28 maps are in many cases early states of the new U.S. maps that appear in the 1823 atlas and replace the Tanner engraved U.S. maps of 1815 and 1816 atlases. They all have Lucas' imprint and show various engravers, Welch, Young & Delker, Cone & Freeman, Kneass, and Hufty. Compared to the early 1823 atlas (our #4584), 16 of the 28 U.S. maps are earlier issues, with only one being a later issue - New Hampshire shows Merrimack County (1823) which does not appear on the early 1823 atlas map (this was probably drawn in anticipation of creation). Of particular note are: Louisiana, a double page map engraved by Harrison and "Reduced from W. Darby's Four Sheet Map" which is dated 1817 as does not show Alabama or Arkansas Territory; and a map of "North Western and Michigan Territories" which is the same base map as the 1823 "Michigan Ter." but shows a much smaller Michigan in a configuration that Paullin dates as 1819 with a large North Western Territory extending to the west. Karpinski 94 incorrectly dates this map as "certainly as late as 1824" while mentioning that Phillips dates it 1819 (?). We cannot find the Phillips entry, but we bel
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World Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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