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Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Australie, Nlle. Zelande.
World Atlas
Authors Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Full Title Australie et Nouvle. Zelande. Atlas spheroidal & universel de geographie dresse par F.A. Garnier, geographe. Ve. Jules Renouard, Editeur, R. de Tournon, no. 6, Paris. 1860. Imp. de Sarazin, R. Git-le-Coeur, 8, Paris.
Note Full col. Relief shown by hachures. Also covers New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Fiji and part of Indonesia. Prime meridian: Paris. On globe in cartouche: Sphericite de la terre.
Lizars, Daniel
Australia &c.
World Atlas
Authors Lizars, Daniel
Full Title Australia &c. (with) Colony of New South Wales. (with) Van Dieman's Land. Published by D. Lizars, Edinburgh. (1831?)
Note Hand colored engraved map. Relief shown by hachures. Covers Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Fiji, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Java, Timor and adjacent areas.
Lowry, J.W., Sharpe, J.
Australia and New Zealand.
World Atlas
Authors Lowry, J.W., Sharpe, J.
Full Title Sharpe's Corresponding Maps. Australia and New Zealand. London - Published by Chapman and Hall, 186 Strand, 1848. Continental Series.
Note Relief shown by hachures. Countries outlined in color.
Malte-Brun, Conrad, 1775-182 …
World Atlas
Authors Malte-Brun, Conrad, 1775-1826
Full Title Carte de la Melanesie or Nouvelle Hollande, 1835. No. 554. Grave par Thierry.
Note Engraved map. Countries and regions trimmed in color. Rivers and islands shown. Major relief shown by hachures.
Greenleaf, Jeremiah
New Holland, And New Zealand …
World Atlas
Authors Greenleaf, Jeremiah
Full Title New Holland, And New Zealand.
Note Full color by land mass.
Greenleaf, Jeremiah
New Holland, And New Zealand …
World Atlas
Authors Greenleaf, Jeremiah
Full Title New Holland, And New Zealand.
Note In full color by region. Engraved. Relief shown by hachures. Meridians Greenwich and Washington.
Soulier, E., Andriveau-Goujo …
World Atlas
Authors Soulier, E., Andriveau-Goujon, J.
Full Title Oceanie. Atlas Elementaire Simplifie. Publie par J. Andriveau-Goujon. E. Soulier del. A Paris, chez Andriveau-Goujon, Editeur, Rue du Bac, No. 17.
Note Relief shown by hachures. Paris prime meridian. Diagram of mountains across bottom of map.
Berghaus, Hermann
Geologic Atlas
Authors Berghaus, Hermann
Full Title Oceanien. (with) Victoria nach Brough Smyth. (with) Tasmanien nach R.M. Johnston und C.P. Sprent. (with) Landenge von Auckland n.v. Hochstetter. (with) Das Seenland (Neu-Seeland) nach d. 10. Juni 1886. (with) Hawaii-Vulkane veranderungen bis 1886. Entw. v. H. Berghaus 1886, Ausg. 1888. Gotha: Justus Perthes (1892)
Note Lithographed geologic map, color, with 19 insets. Small inset maps not given in full title: Honolulu (Sandwich-Inseln) -- Makatea (Tuamotu-Gruppe) -- Bolabola (Gesellschafts-Inseln) -- Totoya (Viti-Inseln) -- Niuafu (Tonga-Inseln) -- Tova Riff (Viti In.) -- Vuata Vatua (Ono In.) -- Nukufetau (der Ellice Gruppe) -- Taiara (Tuamotu In.) -- Washington -- Jervis -- Enderbury (Phoenix In.) -- Roto-Mahana der warme See vor d. 10. Juni 1886 -- Maunga Rei.
Stieler, Adolf
West-Australien. Tasmania. N …
World Atlas
Authors Stieler, Adolf
Full Title West-Australien. Maassstab 1:5.000.000. Von A. Petermann. Tasmania fruher genannt Van Diemen's Land. Neu-Seeland (New Zealand) Im Maassstabe 1:5.000.000. Der Isthmus Von Auckland. Gestochen von Stier u. Stichart. Gotha: Justus Perthes 1872.
Note Four maps in outline color.
Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-18 …
World Atlas
Authors Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832
Full Title Carte de l'Australie, (partie sud-ouest de l'Oceanie). Redigee par A. Brue, Geographe du Roi, d'apres l'ensemble des materiaux recueillis jusqu'a ce jour. Paris, 1826. Chez l'Auteur, rue des Macons Sorbonne, no. 9, et chez les principaux m(archan)ds de cartes geographiques.
Note Hand colored engraved map. Relief shown by hachures. Includes insets of New South Wales and Auckland Islands. Prime meridian: Paris.
Burr, David H., 1803-1875
New Holland And New Zealand.
World Atlas
Authors Burr, David H., 1803-1875
Full Title New Holland And New Zealand. Entered ... 1834, by Illman & Pilbrow ... New York.
Note In full color.
Black, Adam & Charles, Hall, …
New Zealand.
World Atlas
Authors Black, Adam & Charles, Hall, Sidney, Hughes, William
Full Title New Zealand. By W. Hughes. Edinburgh, Published by A. &. C. Black. W. Hughes.
Note Engraved. Islands shown by tinting. Relief shown with hachures. Insets of Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) and The Settled Portion of Western Australia.
Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-18 …
World Atlas
Authors Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832, Picquet, C.
Full Title Carte de l'Australie, (partie sud-ouest de l'Oceanie). Redigee par A. Brue, Geographe du Roi ... Paris, 1826. Chez Chles. Picquet, Quai Conti No. 17, pres du Pont des Arts. Revue en 1834.
Note Hand colored engraved map. Relief shown by hachures. Includes insets of New South Wales and Auckland Islands. Prime meridian: Paris. In embossed seal: Propriete acquise en 1835.
Thomson, John
New Holland, Asiatic isles.
World Atlas
Authors Thomson, John
Full Title New Holland and Asiatic isles. Drawn and engraved for Thomson's New general atlas, 1814.
Note Engraved map. Hand colored. Relief shown by hachures. David Rumsey Collection copy: has place names added in pencil.
Pinkerton, John, 1758-1826
World Atlas
Authors Pinkerton, John, 1758-1826
Full Title Australasia. Drawn under the direction of Mr. Pinkerton by L. Hebert. Neele sculpt. 352 Strand. London: published April 15th. 1813, by Cadell & Davies, Strand & Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, Paternoster Row.
Note Engraved map. Full hand col. Relief shown by hachures. "Pinkerton's modern atlas."
Touring club italiano
169. Nuova Zelanda, Hawaii, …
World Atlas
Authors Touring club italiano
Full Title Nuova Zelanda, Hawaii, Tasmania, Nuova Caledonia, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Tasmania, Nouvelle Caledonie. Propr. Artistico-letteraria del T.C.I. Ufficio cartografico del T.C.I. (1929)
Note Color map with 3 insets. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights, depths by isolines.
Johnson, A.J.
Australia and East Indies.
World Atlas
Authors Johnson, A.J.
Full Title Johnson's Australia and East Indies. Published by Alvin J. Johnson & Co., New York. 118. 119. Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by A.J. Johnson in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.
Note Engraved color map with states and districts differentiated by color. Shows roads and railroads. Alternative meridian Washington D.C. Major relief shown by hachures. Lists of counties for Australia. Inset for New Zealand.
Polish Army Topography Servi …
Australia and Oceania. Perga …
World Atlas
Authors Polish Army Topography Service
Full Title Australia and Oceania. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1967. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P.
Note Detailed political and physical map.
Andree, Richard, Times (Lond …
Australia, New Zealand.
World Atlas
Authors Andree, Richard, Times (London, England)
Full Title Australia and New Zealand. (with) Environs of Melbourne. (with) Environs of Sydney. (Published at the office of "The Times," London, 1895)
Note Color map with 2 insets. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Shows settlements, railroads, telegraph lines, etc.
Andree, Richard
Australien, Neuseeland.
World Atlas
Authors Andree, Richard
Full Title Australien und Neuseeland. (Richard Andree. Herausgegeben von der Geographischen Anstalt von Velhagen & Klasing in Leipzig. 1881)
Note Colored map. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Shows settlements, railroads, overland telegraph lines, rivers, etc. "XI.1880."
Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1 …
World Atlas
Authors Johnston, Alexander Keith, 1804-1871
Full Title Oceania by Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E. (with) Western Australia. (with) Tasmania. (with) New Zealand. Engraved & printed by W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh. William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London, (1861)
Note Engraved map. Boundaries hand col., hydrography printed in blue. Relief shown by hachures. Scales of inset maps: W. Australia and New Zealand 1:6,710,000, Tasmania 1:4,000,000. "Keith Johnston's general atlas 35."
Geographisches Institut (Wei …
World Atlas
Authors Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Germany), Kiepert, Heinrich, 1818-1899
Full Title Australien. (with New South Wales). (with) Tasmania oder Van-Diemens Land. (with) Neu Seeland, New-Zealand. (with) Hawaii Archipelagus, Sandwich-Inseln. (with) Taheiti Archipelagus, Societats Inseln. Gezeichnet v. H. Kiepert. Gest. v. C. Kratz. Weimar, geographisches Institut, 1856.
Note Engraved map. Outline hand col. Covers most of the Pacific Ocean. Scales of insets: New South Wales and Tasmania (ca. 1:5,100,000), New Zealand 1:10,000,000, Society Islands and Hawaii 1:5,000,000. Prime meridian: Ferro.
Arrowsmith, Aaron, Lewis, Sa …
World Atlas
Authors Arrowsmith, Aaron, Lewis, Samuel
Full Title Australasia. (Boston: Published by Thomas & Andrews. 1812)
Note Engraved map, uncolored. Relief shown by hachures. Shows primarily coastal features. List of maps indicates map is new to this edition. Mercator projection?
USSR (Union of Soviet Social …
233-234. Australia, Oceania, …
World Atlas
Authors USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
Full Title 233-234. Australia and Oceania, Physical. The World Atlas.
Rand McNally and Company
National Atlas
Authors Rand McNally and Company
Full Title Rand, McNally & Co.'s Australia. (with) New Zealand. (with) Sydney and Port Jackson. (with) Tasmania.
Note States in color. Relief shown by hachures. Three insets.
Rand McNally and Company
Oceania and Malaysia.
National Atlas
Authors Rand McNally and Company
Full Title Rand, McNally & Co.'s Oceania and Malaysia. (with) New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands. (with) Hawaii (Sandwich Islands). (with) Eastern Portion of Polynesia.
Note Relief shown by hachures. Three insets.
Colton, G.W., Fisher, Richar …
Oceanica, Australia, New Zea …
World Atlas
Authors Colton, G.W., Fisher, Richard Swainson
Full Title Oceanica. Australia, New Zealand. (inset) Sandwich Islands.
Note Two maps on one sheet. Australia and New Zealand map at scale 29,213,000. Topographic profiles included.
Philip, George
Australian, N.Z. ports.
World Atlas
Authors Philip, George
Full Title Australian and New Zealand ports. George Philip & Son, Ltd. The London Geographical Institute. (1922)
Note Color lithographed map. Depths shown by layer tints. Shows mail routes and duration, steamship routes, distances, navigable waters for large steamers, canals, principal railways, cables, lighthouses, lightships, docks, coaling stations, British and American consular offices, naval stations, dockyards, etc. Inset maps: Continuation westward on same scale -- Port Phillip. Scale 1:1,000,000 -- Port Jackson. Scale 1:200,000 -- Hobart. Scale 1:100,000 -- Brisbane. Scale 1:200,000.
Fullarton, A. & Co.
Australia and New Zealand.
World Atlas
Authors Fullarton, A. & Co.
Full Title Australia and New Zealand By Augustus Petermann. F.R.G.S. (with) I. The Prinicipal Portions of New South Wales and II. Victoria and the Adjoining Regions. XLIII. Engd. by G.H. Swanston Edinburgh. A. Fullarton & Co. Edinburgh, London & Dublin.
Note Maps in full color. Counties in New South Wales and Victoria are labeled.
Brue, A.H., Levasseur, E.
Australie, Nouvelle-Zelande.
World Atlas
Authors Brue, A.H., Levasseur, E.
Full Title Carte Generale de l'Australie, et de la partie Sud-Quest de l'Oceanie. Dresse par A. Brue, Geographe. Reoue par E. Levasseur, Membre de l'Institut, Institut Geographique de Paris. Ch. Delagrave & Cie. Editeurs de la Societe de Geographie. 58 Rue des Ecoles. Atlas Universel en 67 feuilles No. 50. (inset) Iles de Lord Auckland. (inset) (General vicinity of Sydney).
Note Relief shown by hachures. Railroads. Prime meridian Paris. Two scales. Possession shown for England, France, Holland, and Portugal. Electric telegraph lines shown.
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