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Grassl, J. (Joseph)
Europ. Turkey II.
World Atlas
Authors Grassl, J. (Joseph)
Full Title Neueste Special & Kriegs-Karte der europaischen Turkey in IV Blattern. Entw. u. gez. v. J. Grassl. (H. Schleifmann sc.). II. Section ... (Stich, Druck und Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts in Hildburghausen, 1860)
Note Engraved map. Sheet 2 of 4. Boundaries boundaries hand col. Relief shown by hachures. Inset: Nordlicher Teil der Moldau. "J. Meyer's Hand-Atlas No. 154." Prime meridian: Ferro.
Gray, Ormando Willis
Vicinity of the Black Sea.
World Atlas
Authors Gray, Ormando Willis
Full Title Gray's New Map of the Countries Surrounding the Black Sea Comprising European Turkey, Southern Russia, Asia Minor, Etc. (inset) The Bosphorus and Vicinity. Copyright, 1877, by O.W. Gray & Son.
Note Prime meridians Washington D.C. and Greenwich. Relief shown by hachures. Russian and Ottoman Empires are delineated. Includes etymological explanation of various geographical terms from several languages.
Hammond, C.S.
Greece and Albania. Rumania. …
World Atlas
Authors Hammond, C.S.
Full Title Greece and Albania. 9334. Rumania. Bulgaria.
Note Other map scales: Rumania at 1:5,364,000, Bulgaria at 3,115,000.
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
Full Title Map of Turkey in Europe with the Ionian Islands. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1856 by Charles Desilver in the Clerk's office if the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Note States shown in tinted color. Meridian Greenwich. Relief shown in hachures.
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, T …
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, Tanner, Henry S., Bourquin, Frederick
Full Title Turkey in Europe. 59. (1848)
Note Lithographed. Relief shown with hachures. Table of the Sangiacs or Pachalies.
Monin, C.V.
Turquie d'Europe et Crece ou …
School Atlas
Authors Monin, C.V.
Full Title Turquie d'Europe et Crece ou Hellade par C.V. Monin.
Note Three scales. Prime meridian Paris. Relief shown with hachures.
Fremin, A.R., Monin, C.V., M …
Turquie D'Europe et Grece.
World Atlas
Authors Fremin, A.R., Monin, C.V., Montemont, A.
Full Title Turquie D'Europe et Grece. Dressee par C.V. Monin. Paris. Armand Aubree, Editeur. Rue de Taranne, 14. (1837)
Note Uncolored engraved map. Relief shown by hachures. Rivers shown.
Black, Adam & Charles, Hall, …
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Black, Adam & Charles, Hall, Sidney, Hughes, William
Full Title Turkey in Europe. Edinburgh, Published by A. &. C. Black. Engraved by S. Hall, Bury Strt. Bloomsbry.
Note Relief shown by hachures. States shown by tinting. Insets of The Bosphorus, and Crete.
Dower, John Nicaragua, Teesd …
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Dower, John Nicaragua, Teesdale, Henry
Full Title Turkey in Europe. London: Published by Henry Teesdale & Co. Drawn & Engraved by J. Dower, Pentonville, London. (1844)
Note Engraved, with colored margins of states. Shows cities, place names, roads, rivers, lakes, and islands. Relief shown with hachures. British possessions shown in red (Corfu, Zante, etc.).
Carey, Mathew
Turkey, in Europe and Hungar …
World Atlas
Authors Carey, Mathew
Full Title Turkey, in Europe and Hungary, from the best Authorities.
Note Outline color by region. Prime meridian Philadelphia. Two scales.
Cary, John, ca. 1754-1835
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Cary, John, ca. 1754-1835
Full Title A new map of Turkey in Europe, divided into its provinces, from the best authorities. By John Cary, engraver, 1801. London: Published by J. Cary, Engraver & Map-seller, No. 181, Strand, Decr. 21, 1801.
Note Engraved map. Boundaries in outline hand col. Relief shown pictorially. Shows "Boundary of Europe and Asia" through the Black and Aegean seas. "39" pasted on verso.
Bartholomew, J. G. (John Geo …
Rumania & adjacent states.
World Atlas
Authors Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920, John Bartholomew and Son
Full Title Rumania & adjacent states. The Edinburgh Geographical Institute, John Bartholomew & Son, Ltd. "The Times" atlas. (London: The Times, 1922)
Note Col. map. Relief shown by hypsometric tints and spot heights, depths by bathymetric tints. Shows shipping routes with distances, etc.
Playfair, Principal
Graecia Antiqua.
World Atlas
Authors Playfair, Principal
Full Title Graecia Antiqua. Drawn & Engraved for Dr. Playfair's Geography. Neele, sculpt., 35[2]Strand. London Published Feby. 28th, 1812, by Vernor, Hood & Co. Poultry. (1814)
Note Engraved uncolored map. Relief shown by hachures. Rivers shown. Place names in Latin.
Touring club italiano
81. Bulgaria.
World Atlas
Authors Touring club italiano
Full Title Bulgaria, Balgarija. Propr. Artistico-letteraria del T.C.I. Ufficio cartografico del T.C.I. (1929)
Note Color map. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights, depths by isolines.
Polish Army Topography Servi …
Yugoslavia and Danube Countr …
World Atlas
Authors Polish Army Topography Service
Full Title Yugoslavia and Danube Countries. (inset) Beograd (Belgrade). Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1967. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P.
Note Detailed political and physical map.
Polish Army Topography Servi …
South East Europe, Selected …
World Atlas
Authors Polish Army Topography Service
Full Title South East Europe, Selected Areas. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1964. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P.
Note Five maps of urban vicinities or regions: Slovenian Karst Region, Lake Balaton, Wien (Vienna), Budapest, and Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast (Varna-Pomorie).
Polish Army Topography Servi …
Romania. Bulgaria. Pergamon …
World Atlas
Authors Polish Army Topography Service
Full Title Romania. Bulgaria. Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1963. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P.
Note Set of 29 small maps and graphs representing industry, population, power, mineral resources, agriculture, land use, relief types, employment, and foreign trade.
Polish Army Topography Servi …
Bulgaria. Pergamon World Atl …
World Atlas
Authors Polish Army Topography Service
Full Title Bulgaria. (inset) Sofiya (Sofia). Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press, Ltd. & P.W.N. Poland 1967. Sluzba Topograficzna W.P.
Note Detailed physical and political map.
Jouvet et Cie.
Hongrie et Turquie.
World Atlas
Authors Jouvet et Cie.
Full Title Hongrie et Turquie. Atlas St. Cyr. Furne, Jouvet et Cie. Editeurs. Imp. Lemercier et Cie. Paris. (1882)
Note Full color. Relief shown by hachures.
USSR (Union of Soviet Social …
90-91. Danube Countries. The …
World Atlas
Authors USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
Full Title 90-91. Danube Countries. The World Atlas.
USSR (Union of Soviet Social …
95. Bulgaria. The World Atla …
World Atlas
Authors USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
Full Title 95. Bulgaria. The World Atlas.
Note City vicinity map.
Fenner, Rest., Thomas, Josep …
Macedonia et Thracia.
World Atlas
Authors Fenner, Rest., Thomas, Joseph, publisher
Full Title Macedonia et Thracia. Fenner Sc., Paternoster Row. (London, Joseph Thomas, 1835)
Note Engraved map. Outline hand coloring. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Ferro and Greenwich.
Finley, Anthony
Turkey in Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Finley, Anthony
Full Title Turkey in Europe. Young & Delleker Sc. Published by A. Finley Philada.
Lavoisne, M., Carey, Mathew
[Ancient] Greece.
Historical Atlas
Authors Lavoisne, M., Carey, Mathew
Full Title Geographical and Statistical Map of [Ancient] Greece. Ancient Greece including Part of Asia Minor, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Illyria, Moesia, Pannonia, and Dacia. For the Elucidation of Lavoisne's Geneological and Historical Atlas, by C. Gros, 1820. No. 14. Philadelphia Published by M. Carey & Son.
Note Detailed description of Greece, chronological lists of notable persons, and full color map showing states. Relief shown by sketches.
Berghaus, Heinrich, Flemming …
(Europaischen Turkei) 4.
World Atlas
Authors Berghaus, Heinrich, Flemming, Carl, Handtke, Friedrich H., Sohr, Karl
Full Title (General-Karte der Europaischen Turkei und des Vladikats Montenegro entworfen und gezeichnet von F. Handtke). No. IV. (with Bosporus). (with Dardanelles Str. Lithogr., Druck u. Verlag von C. Flemming in Glogau. 1855)
Note Sheet 4 (southeast) of 4 sheet hand colored lithographed map. Includes inset. Prime meridian: Ferro.
Tanner, Henry S.
Turkey In Europe.
World Atlas
Authors Tanner, Henry S.
Full Title Turkey in Europe. (Written and engraved by Jos. Perkins. 1845)
Note Engraved map. Hand colored. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridians: Washington and Greenwich.
Vivien St Martin, L., Schrad …
Etats Danubiens.
World Atlas
Authors Vivien St Martin, L., Schrader
Full Title Etats Danubiens. Carte 32. Dresse par Ch. Bonnesseur et D. Aitoff. Imp. Dufrenoy 12-34. Librarie Hachette. Grave par E. Delaune, la lettre par P. Dumas-Vorxet.
Note Number and title also on outside front of sheet. Lithographed. Folded. Full color. States outlined in color. Relief shown by hachures. Meridian Paris.
Brue, A.H., Levasseur, E.
Turquie d'Europe, Grece, Rou …
World Atlas
Authors Brue, A.H., Levasseur, E.
Full Title Carte Generale de la Turquie d'Europe, de la Grece et des Iles Toniennes. Dresse par A. Brue, Geographe. Reoue par E. Levasseur, Membre de l'Institut, Institut Geographique de Paris. Ch. Delagrave & Cie. Editeurs de la Societe de Geographie. 58 Rue des Ecoles. Atlas Universel en 67 feuilles No. 41.
Note Relief shown by hachures. Railroads. Prime meridian Paris. Five scales.
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