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Von Salis, Pietro
Des Robert, Edmond
Description States, " Edmond des Robert - Anno Domini Mdcccciii;" depicts a saint or clerical figure standing on the head of a boar, with Edmond des Robert's coat of arms. Signed in lower right, "Pietro v. Salis 03."
Format 1 print : col., 14 x 8 cm.
Language Latin
Artist Von Salis, Pietro
Alancon, Emile Briere
Ma noblesse, ma liberte, mon …
Description States, "Ex Libris Emile Briere, Alancon" with motto "Ma noblesse, ma liberte, mon patrimoine;" depicts a hammer, a flower, a pointed tool, and a violin. Sigend at bottom right "1903 CCE."
Format 1 print : b&w, 13 x 9 cm.
Language French
Artist CCE
Chambers, Jay
Prescott, Walter Conway
Description States, "Ex Libris Walter Conway Prestcott;" depicts an interior setting with a table with an open book, a chair with a cat, and a fireplace. Also depicts a landscape. Signed at bottom "1903 Jay Chambers."
Format 1 print : col., 11 x 10 cm.
Artist Chambers, Jay
Williams, Lila L.I.
On n'est jamais si heureux n …
Description States, "Ex Libris 1903 Lila L.I. Williams" with motto "On n'est jamais si heureux ni si malheureux qu'on s'imagine;" depicts an open book atop two closed books. Unsigned.
Format 1 print : col., 7 x 5 cm.
Language French
Garrett, Edmund Henry, 1853- …
Lawson, Thomas W.
Description States, "Thomas W. Lawson" in a banner wrapped in branches. Features three open books with images of a medieval soldier, an elderly man reading, and a youthful figure with a lamb. In each corner are three open books. Signed "Edmund H. Garrett MCMIII OP 53."
Format 1 print : col., 11 x 9 cm.
Artist Garrett, Edmund Henry, 1853-1929
Spenceley, J. Winfred (Josep …
Lee, Georgia Medora
With my friend and my book I …
Description States, "Ex Libris Georgia Medora Lee;" depicts an open window set in a library with a view of mountains, a lake and a road. Above, a banner with the names "Balzac, Ruskin, Mabie, Lytton, Elliot, Van Dyke" surrounds the motto "With my friend and my book, I walk through the forest of Arden." Signed at the bottom "J.W. Spenceley Sept. 1903."
Format 1 print : col., 10 x 7 cm.
Language English
Artist Spenceley, J. Winfred (Joseph Winfred), 1865-1908
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