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Asahi Shinbunsha
Covers: Ōsaka fuka kōzui Yod …
Case Map
Author Asahi Shinbunsha
Full Title (Covers to) Ōsaka fuka kōzui Yodogawa engan higai saizu. Meiji 18 [1885].
Publisher [S.1] : Asahi Shinbunsha
Note Brown paper cover with mounted cover title.
Tsujimoto, Kyūbē
Covers: Dai Nihon dōchū hito …
Pocket Map
Author Tsujimoto, Kyūbē
Full Title (Covers to) Dai Nihon dōchū hitori annai no zu / Tsujimoto Kyūbē. Meiji 18 [1885]
Publisher Kyoto : Tsujimoto Kyūbē
Note Mounted cover title. Cover folded yellow paper.
Garcia Cubas, Antonio, 1832- …
Cover: Estados Unidos de Mex …
National Atlas
Authors Garcia Cubas, Antonio, 1832-1912
Full Title (Covers to) Atlas Pintoresco E Historico De Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos Por Antonio Garcia Cubas ... Publicado Por Debray Sucesores Mexico 1885.
West, Joseph A.
Cover: Utah, new sectional & …
Pocket Map
Authors West, Joseph A.
Full Title (Covers to) West's New Sectional & Topographical Map Of Utah Containing all Government Land & Topographical Surveys to date Exhibiting the Sections, Fractional Sections, Townships, Ranges, Counties, Cities, Towns, Mining Districts, Wagon Roads, Railways, and numerous other Internal Improvements. Prepared and published under the authority of the Legislatire Assembly of the Territory of Utah by Joseph A. West C.E. Entered ... 1885 by Joseph A. West ... Washington, D.C. (with 7 inset maps, 1 inset chart).
Colby, George N., George N. …
Cover: Atlas of the state of …
State Atlas
Authors Colby, George N., George N. Colby & Co.
Full Title (Covers to) Atlas of the state of Maine. Including statistics and descriptions of its history, educational system, geology, rail roads, natural resources, summer resorts and manufacturing interests. Compiled and drawn from official plans and actual surveys and published by George N. Colby. Houlton, Maine. 1885. Assisted by H.E. Halfpenny, C.E. & J.H. Stuart, C.E. Copyright secured by Geo. N. Colby & Co. 1884. Eng. by Wm. Bracher, 27 So. Sixth St. Phila. Printed by F. Bourquin, 31 So. Sixth St. Phila.
Note Bound in half leather black cloth covered boards with "Colby's atlas of Maine 1885." stamped in gold.
Grand Trunk Railway Company …
Cover: Gt. W. Div., Grand Tr …
Timetable Map
Authors Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada
Full Title (Covers to) Great Western Division of the Grand Trunk Ry. of Canada, The Great International Route between the east & west. Rand Avery Supply Co., Boston. (1885?)
Cover: Drawing teacher. Geog …
School Atlas
Authors Anonymous
Full Title (Covers to) Drawing Teacher. Geography.
Note Box cover has a depiction of the United States in outline form. The instructions on the inside of the box state, "Follow all the openings in the pattern with a well and long pointed lead pencil or use a small stencil brush, taking care not to let the pattern slip, then finish and insert the names of the States and locate their Capital Cities."
Mackinlay, A. & W.
Cover: Mackinlay's Nova Scot …
Case Map
Authors Mackinlay, A. & W.
Full Title (Covers to) Mackinlay's map of the Province of Nova Scotia, including the island of Cape Breton. Compiled from actual & recent surveys. Published By A. & W. Mackinlay, Granville Street, Halifax, N.S. (1885)
Note Printed color. Blue and red lines have been added in manuscript to correct the railroad lines. The date is estimated from the population statistics. 32 dissection sections mounted on linen and bound into cloth covers with "Mackinlay's Map Of Nova Scotia" embossed on cover. Relief shown by hachures. Includes table of counties with areas and population.
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad …
Cover: Atlantic Coast Line.
Timetable Map
Authors Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) The Atlantic Coast Line north and south ... C.G. Crawford, Printer and Stationer, 49 & 51 Park Place N.Y. September 7, 1885.
Holt, George L.
Cover: Holt's new map, Wyomi …
Pocket Map
Authors Holt, George L.
Full Title (Covers to) Holt's New Map Of Wyoming. Compiled by permission from official records in U.S. Land Office. Published by G.L. Holt, Cheyenne, Wyo. Frank & Fred Bond, Draftsmen. 1885. Entered ... 1883 by Geo L. Holt ... Washington D.C. Engraved & Printed by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. New York.
Houston And Texas Central Ra …
Cover: Houston and Texas Cen …
Timetable Map
Authors Houston And Texas Central Railway
Full Title (Covers to:) Houston and Texas Central Railway through Texas. Northern to southern boundary and with branches and Texas Central Railway through central and western Texas ... 461-July-85. Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, Chicago.
Note Self wrappers with text, view and timetable.
New York Central and Hudson …
Cover: N.Y. Central & Hudson …
Timetable Map
Authors New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. The Great 4 Track Route. (N.Y. August 14, 1885.) American Bank Note Co., N.Y.
Norris, W.R.
Cover: Norris' United States …
Authors Norris, W.R.
Full Title (Covers to) Norris' Cyclopaedic Map Of The United States Of America, (Excepting Alaska) Together with adjacent portions of the Dominion of Canada and of the United States of Mexico ... Prepared for use in schools and in the home circle. Patented June 12, 1883. Originated, Manufactured and Published by W.R. Norris, New York. 1885.
Note Game housed in a mitered box. The inside of the top includes a label that identifies the game.
Peoples Line
Map Peoples Line of Steamers …
Timetable Map
Authors Peoples Line
Full Title Peoples Line New Jersey Steamboat Co. between Albany and New York. Magnificent steamers Drew, and Dean Richmond ... Rand Avery Supply Co., Boston. (with map) Map showing the principal connections of the Peoples Line of Steamers. Rand, Avery & Co., Eng's. (1885)
Note Relief shown by hachures. Covers steamer route on the Hudson River with connecting railroad routes to Quebec, the White Mountains, Syracuse, Ottawa, etc. Printed without color on light blue paper, folded into self wrappers 19 x 10. Includes illus. self wrapper and panel of text with view.
Chicago & Alton Railroad Com …
Cover: Chicago and Alton R.R …
Timetable Map
Authors Chicago & Alton Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Chicago and Alton R.R. No change of cars of any class between Chicago and Kansas City ... Palace dining cars meals 75 Cents. Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars ... September, 1885. Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, Chicago.
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy …
Cover: Burlington Route.
Timetable Map
Authors Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Burlington Route C.B. & Q.R.R. Chicago, Peoria or St. Louis direct to Denver. Fall edition 1885 ... Nov., 1885. Rand, McNally & Co., Printers and Engravers, Chicago.
Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. …
Cover: Chicago Milwaukee and …
Timetable Map
Authors Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway. 1-9-85.
Chicago, Rock Island and Pac …
Cover: Chicago Rock Island & …
Timetable Map
Authors Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) Good luck to all who travel via the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rw. Great mid-continental link between the Atlantic and Pacific ... Autumn, 1885. Cameron, Amberg & Co., Printers, Chicago.
Note Folds into self wrappers with illustrations of a horseshoe.
Cincinnati, New Orleans & Te …
Cover: Queen & Crescent Rout …
Timetable Map
Authors Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) Queen & Crescent Route. Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway ... Between Ohio River and the Gulf direct trunk line. September 15th, 1885. The A.H. Pugh Printing Co.
Piedmont Air Line Railroad C …
Cover: Piedmont Air Line.
Timetable Map
Authors Piedmont Air Line Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) New York, shortest and quickest, Piedmont Air Line, New Orleans, Washington, Lynchburg, Danville, Charlotte and Atlanta. Sept. 15th, 1885 ... C.G. Crawford, Printer and Stationer, 49 & 51 Park Place, N.Y.
Nicholson, W. L., United Sta …
Cover: Dakota Terr. post rou …
Case Map
Authors Nicholson, W. L., United States. Post Office Dept.
Full Title (Covers to) Post route map of the Territory of Dakota with adjacent parts of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota and portions of the Dominion of Canada showing post offices with the intermediate distances and mail routes in operation on the 1st of December 1885. Published by order of Postmaster General William F. Vilas under the direction W.L. Nicholson, Topographer P.O. Dept. The first edition was issued in 1879. Note: The Service on this diagram brought up to date of Dec. 1st 1885. (seal) Post Office Department United States of America. "With celerity, certainty and security".
Note 1st edition was 1879. Large scale. Outline color. Dissected into 24 sections and folded into brown cloth end sheets 25x28 with a label reading "Post Route Map Of The Territory Of Dakota." Map is protected in a new brown cloth folding case 26x29 with "Post Route Map Of Dakota 1885" stamped in gold on the spine.
Missouri Pacific Railway Com …
Cover: Missouri Pacific Ry.
Timetable Map
Authors Missouri Pacific Railway Company, Rand McNally and Company
Full Title (Covers to) Missouri Pacific Ry. ... Rand, McNally & Co., Printers and Engravers, Chicago.
Everts & Kirk
Cover: Atlas of Nebraska.
State Atlas
Authors Everts & Kirk
Full Title (Covers to) The official state atlas of Nebraska. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Philadelphia, Everts & Kirk, 1885. (on verso) Copyright, 1885, Everts & Kirk.
Note Bound in half leather burgundy cloth covered boards with "The official atlas of Nebraska 1885" stamped in gilt.
Rand McNally and Company
Cover: Alabama.
Pocket Map
Authors Rand McNally and Company
Full Title (Covers to) Map of Alabama. One of the new double page maps in Rand, McNally & Co.'s New indexed business atlas. This map is worth 35 cents. Keep it. Rand, McNally & Co.'s New business atlas map of Alabama. Copyright, 1892, by Rand, McNally & Co.
Lehigh Valley Railroad, Lehi …
Cover: Lehigh Valley Railroa …
Timetable Map
Authors Lehigh Valley Railroad, Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Lehigh Valley double track railroad. 2 through trains daily between New York, Philadelphia, and Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and all points west. Hasford & Sons, N.Y. ... 9-10-85. Daily Times Print, Bethlehem, Pa.
Hotchkiss, Jed., Waddell, Jo …
Cover: Hist. atlas Augusta C …
County Atlas
Authors Hotchkiss, Jed., Waddell, Joseph Addison
Full Title (Covers to) Historical atlas of Augusta County, Virginia. Maps from original surveys, by Jed. Hotchkiss, Top. Eng. Its annals, by Joseph A. Waddell. Physiography, by Jed. Hotchkiss. Illustrated. Chicago, Ill.: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1885.
Note Brown morocco leather (with new black morocco spine and tips). In gilt on cover and blind stamped on back cover: Illustrated historical atlas of Augusta County, Virginia. 1885."
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