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Maki, Bunjiro
Cover: Shinsen Kokoku dochu …
National Atlas
Author Maki, Bunjiro
Full Title (Covers to) Shinsen Kokoku dochu meikan : zen / Maki Bunjiro. Meiji 20 [1887]
Publisher [Tokyo] : Maki Bunjiro
Note 1 atlas (401 leaves) : 17 maps, 9 x 13 cm. Mounted cover title. Copperplate print. In Japanese. Relief shown pictorially. Shows views of tourist attractions. Shows distances of roads and sea routes. Includes lists of hot springs, district names, and points of interest, and distance chart.
Minaguchi, Ryunosuke
Cover: Kotei bankoku zenzu.
Pocket Map
Author Minaguchi, Ryunosuke
Full Title (Covers to) Kotei bankoku zenzu = Universal map / koseinin Minaguchi Ryunosuke. Kotei saihan. Meiji 20 [1887]
Publisher [Osaka] : Akashi Chushichi
Note Cover title. Title on map: Bankoku zenzu. Copperplate print. In Japanese. Relief shown by hachures. Includes 4 insets, national flags and legend. Shows distance of sea routes. Col., folded in cover 19 x 13 cm. East Asian Library call number: A43.
Tanase, Shozo
Cover: Shintei bankoku yochi …
Pocket Map
Author Tanase, Shozo
Full Title (Covers to) Shintei bankoku yochi zenzu = The map of the World / Tanase Shozo. Meiji 20 [1887]
Publisher Osaka : Yoshioka Heisuke
Note Cover title. Title on map: Yogo sonyu shintei bankoku yochi zenzu. Copperplate print. In Japanese and English. Relief shown by hachures. Shows distance of sea routes. Includes 21 insets, charts of mountains and rivers, and national flags. Includes distance chart of sea routes and legend. Col., folded in cover 22 x 15 cm. East Asian Library call number: A45.
Ikeda, Tokoku
Cover: Kyoto sairan no zu.
Case Map
Author Ikeda, Tokoku
Full Title (Covers to) Kyoto sairan no zu / Ikeda Tokoku. Meiji 20 [1887].
Publisher [Kyoto] : Ikeda Tokoku
Note Col. copperplate print. In Japanese. Oriented with north to the left. Relief shown pictorially. Folded to 20 x 14 cm. East Asian Library call number: F85.
Japan. Noshomusho. Chishitsu …
Cover: Dai Nippon Teikoku yo …
Case Map
Author Japan. Noshomusho. Chishitsukyoku
Full Title (Covers to) Dai Nippon Teikoku yosatsu tobu chikeizu. Meiji 20 [1887]
Publisher [Tokyo] : Noshomusho Chishitsukyoku
Kabai, Tatsunosuke
Cover: Meiji kaisei Dai Niho …
Case Map
Author Kabai, Tatsunosuke
Full Title (Covers to) Meiji kaisei Dai Nihon seizu : zen / Kabai Tatsunosuke. Meiji 20 [1887]
Publisher [Kyoto] : Nakamura Asakichi
Note Mounted cover title. East Asian Library call number: Cb97.
Adams, George H. & Son
Cover: Colorado.
Pocket Map
Authors Adams, George H. & Son
Full Title (Covers to) Geo. H. Adams & Son Colorado. Copyright 1884, By Geo. H. Adams & Son, New York.
Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg …
Cover: Rail Route to the Tho …
Timetable Map
Authors Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Only all rail route to the Thousand Islands, Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg R.R. The only scenic route. Short Line Niagara Falls & White Mountains. Liberty Ptg. Co., N.Y. Time table no. 26 - revised October 24, 1887 ... Oliphant's Print, Oswego, N.Y.
Becker, George F.
Covers: Geology of the Quick …
Geologic Atlas
Authors Becker, George F.
Full Title (Covers to) Department Of The Interior, United States Geological Survey, J.W. Powell Director. Atlas to Accompany a Monograph an The Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the Pacific Slope By George F. Becker. Washington 1887. Giles Litho. & Liberty Printing Co. N.Y.
Note Bound in black cloth covered boards with black leather label stamped with "Atlas Of The Quicksilver Deposits Of The Pacific Slope" in gilt.
St. Paul, Minneapolis & Mani …
Cover: St. Paul, Minneapolis …
Timetable Map
Authors St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway Company.
Full Title (Covers to) St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Ry. Red River Valley Line through the park region ... 2 +87. Matthews, Northrup & Co., Art-Printing Works, Buffalo, N.Y.
Britton & Rey
Cover: San Francisco, Britto …
Pocket Map
Authors Britton & Rey
Full Title (Covers to) Britton & Rey's Guide Map of the City of San Francisco. 1887. Copyright. (with) Geo. F. Schild's Map Attachment. Patented Dec. 8th 1885. (and with) Index of Britton & Rey's Street Guide Map of the City and County of San Francisco, with Geo. F. Schild's Patented Attachment for Finding Instantly Any Point or Distance on Map. (on verso) Map: Copyrighted by Britton & Rey, August, 1886. Attachment: Patented by Geo. F. Schild, December 8th, 1885.
Montreal and Boston Air Line
Cover: Montreal and Boston A …
Timetable Map
Authors Montreal and Boston Air Line
Full Title (Covers to) Montreal and Boston Air Line. The picturesque White Mountain Route between New England and Canada via Lake Memphremagog. Summer time-tables, 1887 ... Russell & Richardson Sc. First edition ... R.A. Supply Co., Boston.
Blanchard, Rufus, National S …
Cover: Blanchard's map of Ch …
Pocket Map
Authors Blanchard, Rufus, National School Furnishing Co.
Full Title (Covers to) Blanchard's map of Chicago and environs 1887.
Note Olive paper covers 15x8.5 with "Map of Chicago and Suburbs, Showing the Parks, Boulevards, Streets, Railroads, Horse Car Lines, etc. Rufus Blanchard, with National School Furnishing Co., 141 and 143 Wabash Avenue, Chicago." printed in black.
New York, Lake Erie, and Wes …
Cover: Erie Ry.
Timetable Map
Authors New York, Lake Erie, and Western Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Erie Ry. New York, Lake Erie and Western R.R. August, 1887. Map and time tables inside ... Rand, McNally & Co., Printers and Engravers, Chicago.
New York, Lake Erie, and Wes …
Cover: N.Y., Lake Erie & Wes …
Timetable Map
Authors New York, Lake Erie, and Western Railroad Company, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) New York, Lake Erie and Western R.R. Co. New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio R.R. .. Poole Bros., Printers and Engravers, Chicago. Time table in effect August 21st. 1887.
Northern Pacific Railroad Co …
Cover: No. Pacific R.R.
Timetable Map
Authors Northern Pacific Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) The Northern Pacific R.R. The Yellowstone Park and dining car route to the Pacific Coast. Poole Bros. Printers and Engravers, Chicago.
Central Vermont Railroad Com …
Cover: Central Vermont, Gran …
Timetable Map
Authors Central Vermont Railroad Company
Full Title (Covers to) Central Vermont and Grand Trunk Line. Summer edition, 1887. Cheapest route to the West ... American Bank Note Co. N.Y.
Chicago and Grand Trunk Rail …
Cover: Chicago and Grand Tru …
Timetable Map
Authors Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway in connection with the Grand Trunk R'y of Canada including Great Western Division forming the Niagara Falls Air Line. Issued June 4th, 1887 ... The J.M.W. Jones Stationery and Printing Co., Chicago, Ill.
Pittsburgh & Western Railway …
Cover: Pittsburgh & Western …
Timetable Map
Authors Pittsburgh & Western Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) The Pittsburgh & Western Railway Company. Lessee Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Toledo and Pittsburgh, Painesville and Fairport railroads. Time table of passenger trains, in effect August 1st, 1887. Central Standard Time ... Johnston, Print.
Everts & Co., L.H. Everts & …
Cover: Kansas official state …
State Atlas
Authors Everts & Co., L.H. Everts & Co.
Full Title (Covers to) The official state atlas of Kansas compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Philadelphia. L.H. Everts & Co. 1887.
Note Huge atlas, many maps and views, scarce. With 340 numbered pages (plus many unnumbered pages) of maps and views this must be the largest State Atlas published (Andreas' Iowa has 250 pages of maps and views). The views show the remarkable development of the state over two decades after the Civil War. Many large folding maps of cities are included. Bound in new burgandy cloth covered boards with "The Official Atlas Of Kansas 1887" stamped in gilt. Maps hand painted in full color.
San Diego Land and Town Comp …
Cover: Guide to San Diego Ba …
Separate Map, View
Authors San Diego Land and Town Company, W.W. Elliott & Co.
Full Title (Covers to) Guide to San Diego Bay Region, California containing reliable and valuable information concerning the products and prospects of the country. A bird's eye view of National City, San Diego, and surrounding country and especially showing the advantages of property now offered for sale by the San Diego Land & Town Co. ... Record Print, National City, Cal. (1887?)
Note Folded covers, printed in black and red. On sheet with 14 p. text. On verso Birds-eye view of National City, San Diego County, California.
Wabash Railway Company
Cover: Wabash Railway time t …
Timetable Map
Authors Wabash Railway Company
Full Title (Covers to) The Wabash Railway official time tables and other information concerning the Wabash Railway. Corrected to Sept. 20, 1887 ... Rand McNally & Co., Printers and Engravers, Chicago.
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