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Smith, Robert P., French, C. …
State of New York.
Wall Map
Authors Smith, Robert P., French, C.E.
Full Title The State of New York. From New And Original Surveys Under The Direction Of J.H. French, C.E. Robert Pearsall Smith, Publishers, No. 8 South Salina Street, Syracuse, 1860. Entered ... 1859 by Robert Pearsall Smith ... New York. (inset) Meteorological Map Of The State Of New York by Lorin Blodgett ... (inset) Geological And Land Patent Map Of The State Of New York ... (with 12 additional inset maps).
Note This is the large wall map that was commissioned by the state. With black top and bottom rollers. Full color by township, with counties outlined. Numerous vignettes. Comparative view (diagram) showing the capacities of churches of the various religious denominations of New York.
Colton, G.W.
Colton's New Map Of Long Isl …
Wall Map
Authors Colton, G.W.
Full Title Colton's New Map Of Long Island. Published By G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. 182 William St. New York. 1888. Entered ... 1873 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. ... Washington. (inset) Brooklyn, New York, Jersey City, Hoboken Etc.
Note Shows all of Long Island and shoreline settlement on north shore of Long Island Sound, as well as the New York City environs, with a large inset map titled "Brooklyn, New York, Jersey City, Hoboken, etc." The copyright date is 1873, so there probably were issues as early as 1873 or 1874. This is on a larger scale than the Colton pocket map of Long Island (see our #5073). With black top and bottom rollers. Full color. Shows roads, railroads, cemeteries, parks, rural buildings, and water features.
Colton, J. H.
City and County Of New - Yor …
Wall Map
Authors Colton, J. H.
Full Title Topographical Map Of The City and County Of New - York, and the adjacent Country: With Views in the border of the principal Buildings and interesting Scenery of the Island. Published By J.H. Colton & Co. No. 4 Spruce St. New-York. 1836. Engraved & Printed by S. Stiles & Company, New-York. Entered ... 1836, by J.H. Colton & Co. ... New York.
Note 1st ed., 2nd state. Stokes: "This is one of the most beautiful nineteenth century plans or maps of Manhattan Island, and is full of interesting information, It is perhaps the last example of really artistic map-making, as applied to Manhattan Island." Ristow believes that Burr may have drawn this map based on similarities between it and the Burr New York City map that appeared in Burr's New York State Atlas of 1829. Accompanied by the "Summary History.." Stokes describes his copy of the 1st edition as not listing Madison Square and some other differences between the 1836 and 1841 editions which would lead one to conclude that this copy is slightly later than 1836 (it shows Madison Square which was established in 1837) - apparently an unrecorded 2nd state of the first edition. Without color or top and bottom rollers.
Damerum, William
Map of the Southern part of …
Wall Map
Authors Damerum, William
Full Title Map of the Southern part of the State of New York including Long Island, the Sound, the State of Connecticut, part of the State of New Jersey and Islands adjacent. Compiled from actual late Surveys. Designed, Drawn and Published 1815 by Wm. Damerum, General Surveyor, New York. Copy Secured. P. Maverick sct.
Note Streeter's copy. Engraved by P. Maverick. Thompson: "A handsome engraving, quite rare." See Never's 1852 edition for a resurrection of this plate 37 years later (see our copy, #2562), and Stebbins map of 1859, still using this map as a base. The sixteen stars that surround the eagle above the title supposedly represent the number of states in the union in 1815. Outline color by county.
United States. Post Office D …
Post Route Map Of The State …
Wall Map
Authors United States. Post Office Dept., Nicholson, W. L.
Full Title Post Route Map Of The State Of New York And Parts Of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey And Pennsylvania, Showing Also The Adjacent Portions Of The Dominion Of Canada. Designed And Constructed Under The Orders Of Postmaster General Alex. W. Randall And Second Asst. Postmaster General Geo. Wm. McLellan By W.L. Nicholson, Topographer Of P.O. Dept. 1868. Drawn by Paul Goepel. Engraved by D. McClelland, Washn. D.C. (seal) Post Office Department United States Of America "With Celerity, Certainty And Security." (inset) Prov. Of Ontario. (inset) Postal Service Of Long Island With The Principal Mail Connections Of The City Of New York.
Note In the Explanation of the Mail Service note, it reads "The Service on this Diagram brought up to the date of Aug. 1st 1872", with most of the date in ms. Outline color by state. Brown top and bottom rollers.
Dripps, Matthew
City of New York Extending N …
Wall Map
Authors Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map of the City of New York Extending Northward to Fiftieth St. Surveyed and drawn by John F. Harrison C.E. Published by M. Dripps...1852.
Note 2nd ed., 1st map to show all NY lots & buildings. Precursor of the fire maps first published by Perris in 1852, later by Sanborn and Bromley. Border has views of important city buildings.
Dripps, Matthew
City And County Of New - Yor …
Wall Map
Authors Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map Of That Portion Of The City And County Of New - York North Of 50th St. Surveyed & Drawn by R.A. Jones, C.E. Published by M. Dripps, 103 Fulton St. N.Y. 1851. (inset) Westchester County.
Note 1st edition. 3 vignettes. See the other large Dripps map of NYC (1852). This is the rarer of the two. Shows topography, unlike the other map. With hand painted color. Lacks rollers.
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