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Johnson, D. Griffing, Johnso …
New Map Of The Union.
Wall Map
Authors Johnson, D. Griffing, Johnson, A.J.
Full Title A New Map Of The Union, With The Adjacent Islands & Countries, From Authentic Sources. Published by D.G. & A.J. Johnson, Trinity Buildings, 111 Broadway, New-York. 1857 ... Entered ... 1856 by D.G. Johnson ... New York. (inset of northwest Missouri and adjacent parts of Kansas and Nebraska).
Note With black top and bottom rollers. Full color by state or territory. Relief shown with hachures. Decorative border, scattered vignettes of steam and sailing ships, railroads, buildings, and figures. Engraving of Sutter's saw-mill, site of gold discovery in California in 1848, and illustration of a gold rocker.
Johnson, D. Griffing, Johnso …
Republics Of North America
Wall Map
Authors Johnson, D. Griffing, Johnson, A.J.
Full Title Johnson's New Illustrated & Embellished County Map Of The Republics Of North America With The Adjacent Islands & Countries, Compiled Drawn & Engraved From U. States Land & Coast Surveys, British Admiralty & other Reliable Sources. By D. Griffing Johnson, New York & Washington. 1859. Entered ... 1856 by D.G. & A.J. Johnson ... New York. Map Designed by A.J. Johnson. Engraved by D.G. Johnson, J.H. Goldthwait, W.S. Barnard, Wm. Wright, G. Rae Smith, F.H. King, James Duthie, J.L. White. (inset) Johnson's Map Of The World on Mercator's Projection ...
Note Entered in 1856 and first issued in 1857. With an inset map of the World, and views of the U.S. Capital and the Mormon Temple at Salt Lake City, tables of Distances and Statistics from the Census of 1850, and a Note and list of Authorities which reads in part "The part of this Map, between the Mississippi River and Pacific Ocean, was taken (with the consent of Capt. A.A. Humphreys) principally from a map compiled from the following authorities by Lieut. G.K. Warren, Topl Engrs...In the Office of Pacific Rail Road Surveys, War Department." The map referred to must be the 1855 edition (see our copy) of Warren's General Map for the Pacific Railroad Reports. The list of Authorities is almost identical to the list on that map. Also, the map details of the west used in Johnson's map follow the 1855 edition in scope. Karrow lists many issues of this map from 1857 to 1861, with the views varying in each issue, and with Colton taking over as publisher in 1860. See our late Colton edition of 1890 (our #5150). With black top and bottom roller. Full color by county or territory in the U.S. and by state in Central America. Edged in dark blue silk.
Colton, J. H.
City and County Of New - Yor …
Wall Map
Authors Colton, J. H.
Full Title Topographical Map Of The City and County Of New - York, and the adjacent Country: With Views in the border of the principal Buildings and interesting Scenery of the Island. Published By J.H. Colton & Co. No. 4 Spruce St. New-York. 1836. Engraved & Printed by S. Stiles & Company, New-York. Entered ... 1836, by J.H. Colton & Co. ... New York.
Note 1st ed., 2nd state. Stokes: "This is one of the most beautiful nineteenth century plans or maps of Manhattan Island, and is full of interesting information, It is perhaps the last example of really artistic map-making, as applied to Manhattan Island." Ristow believes that Burr may have drawn this map based on similarities between it and the Burr New York City map that appeared in Burr's New York State Atlas of 1829. Accompanied by the "Summary History.." Stokes describes his copy of the 1st edition as not listing Madison Square and some other differences between the 1836 and 1841 editions which would lead one to conclude that this copy is slightly later than 1836 (it shows Madison Square which was established in 1837) - apparently an unrecorded 2nd state of the first edition. Without color or top and bottom rollers.
Colton, J. H.
Stream Of Time, or Chart Of …
Wall Map
Authors Colton, J. H.
Full Title Stream Of Time, Or Chart Of Universal History, From The Original German Of Strass. Revised By D. Haskel. Published By J.H. Colton, No. 86 Cedar St. New York 1842.
Note Stream of Time maps were popular in the second half of the 19th century (see our 1858 Tableau De L'Histoire Universelle by Pick) and later, but this map or diagram by Colton is an early example, at least in the United States. The period covered starts with the Creation in 4004 BC and extends down to 1842. The bottom of the map has an Explanation which states that "Each Nation is represented by a stream which is broken in upon or flows on undisturbed as it is influenced by the accession of Territory or the remaining at Peace." With hand painted color and black top and bottom rollers.
Colton, J. H.
New Jersey.
Wall Map
Authors Colton, J. H.
Full Title Colton's Map of New Jersey. Prepared for the State Insurance Company, Office No.9 Exchange Place, Jersey City. Entered ... 1855 by J.H. Colton & Co. ... New York. C.O. Jones 76 Cedar St. N.Y. (advertisement above map) The State Insurance Company. Stock Company. Charter Perpetual. Office Jersey City, 9 Exchange Place ...
Note Colton sold his maps for uses like this. The map is surrounded by advertisements for the Insurance Company. Full color by county. With black top and bottom rollers.
U.S. General Land Office
United States and territorie …
Wall Map
Authors U.S. General Land Office
Full Title Map of the United States and territories, with adjacent parts of Canada and Mexico also part of the West India islands, showing the extent of public surveys, Indian, military, and forest reservations, rail roads, canals, national parks and other details, compiled from official surveys of the General Land Office and other authentic sources. Under the direction of the Hon. Lewis A. Groff, Commissioner. A.F. Dinsmore, Chief, Draughting Division. 1890. Isaac Friedenwald, Photo. Litho. Balto. Md. (inset) Territory of Alaska.
Note Changes from 1888 ed: N. & S. Dakota, Oklahoma Ter., smaller Ind. Res. Printed in full color. Printed on 6 sheets (David Rumsey Collection copy mounted as one sheet). Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.
Proctor, A.G., Dingle, C.O.
Official Map of Yolo County, …
Wall Map
Authors Proctor, A.G., Dingle, C.O.
Full Title Official Map of Yolo County, California, Compiled from Official Records by A.G. Proctor, County Surveyor and C.O. Dingle, Licensed Surveyor and Draftsman, 1915.
Note (Original Not in Rumsey Collection - Original with the Yolo County Records and Archives Center). Mounted on muslin. District boundaries trimmed in color. Insets of the Official Map of the City of Woodland. Lists of Subdivisions, School and Supervisor's Districts. Table of Distances. Conversion Table (for measures).
Proctor, A.G.
Official Map of Yolo County, …
Wall Map
Authors Proctor, A.G.
Full Title Official Map of Yolo County California Compiled from Official Records by A.G. Proctor, County Surveyor, 1926.
Note (Original Not in Rumsey Collection - Original with the Yolo County Records and Archives Center). Mounted on muslin. Accepted January 18, 1927 as the Official Map of Yolo County by the Board of Supervisors. Inset Special Map of the City of Woodland. Shows roads, railroads, settlements, reclamation districts, power lines, school houses, school districts, voting precinct districts, township and range, relief in contours, District boundaries trimmed in color. Reliance Lithograph Company, Sacramento, California.
Punnett Brothers
Map Of Alaska.
Wall Map
Authors Punnett Brothers
Full Title Map Of Alaska. Compiled And Published By Punnett Brothers, 625 Mission St. S.F. Cal. Copyrighted. (inset) Map Of Klondyke Mining District.
Note Scarce Alaska map (not in Streeter or other references) showing the Gold Fields and the routes to them. The estimated publication date is derived from the appearance of an advertisement for this map in the 1897 Punnett Brothers Map of California (our #5014). The Bancroft Library has a copy which they date as circa 1899 and they note that it was originally issued as a pocket map with title on cover: "Pocket map of Alaska and adjacent British territory, showing the newly discovered gold fields and routes leading to them..." Water printed and state outline in blue color. With brown top and bottom rollers.
Damerum, William
Map of the Southern part of …
Wall Map
Authors Damerum, William
Full Title Map of the Southern part of the State of New York including Long Island, the Sound, the State of Connecticut, part of the State of New Jersey and Islands adjacent. Compiled from actual late Surveys. Designed, Drawn and Published 1815 by Wm. Damerum, General Surveyor, New York. Copy Secured. P. Maverick sct.
Note Streeter's copy. Engraved by P. Maverick. Thompson: "A handsome engraving, quite rare." See Never's 1852 edition for a resurrection of this plate 37 years later (see our copy, #2562), and Stebbins map of 1859, still using this map as a base. The sixteen stars that surround the eagle above the title supposedly represent the number of states in the union in 1815. Outline color by county.
United States. Post Office D …
Post Route Map Of The State …
Wall Map
Authors United States. Post Office Dept., Nicholson, W. L.
Full Title Post Route Map Of The State Of New York And Parts Of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey And Pennsylvania, Showing Also The Adjacent Portions Of The Dominion Of Canada. Designed And Constructed Under The Orders Of Postmaster General Alex. W. Randall And Second Asst. Postmaster General Geo. Wm. McLellan By W.L. Nicholson, Topographer Of P.O. Dept. 1868. Drawn by Paul Goepel. Engraved by D. McClelland, Washn. D.C. (seal) Post Office Department United States Of America "With Celerity, Certainty And Security." (inset) Prov. Of Ontario. (inset) Postal Service Of Long Island With The Principal Mail Connections Of The City Of New York.
Note In the Explanation of the Mail Service note, it reads "The Service on this Diagram brought up to the date of Aug. 1st 1872", with most of the date in ms. Outline color by state. Brown top and bottom rollers.
Dodge, George M.
Official Map Of Marin County …
Wall Map
Authors Dodge, George M.
Full Title Official Map Of Marin County, California. 1892. Compiled From Records And Surveys By Geo. M. Dodge C.E. Copyrighted. Copyright 1892 by Geo. M. Dodge. Schmidt Label & Lith Co.
Note Shows land ownership and acreages, buildings, school districts, water features, marshlands, and townships. With linen edging and brown top and bottom rollers. Topography shown in brown hachures, otherwise map is without color.
Dripps, Matthew
City of New York Extending N …
Wall Map
Authors Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map of the City of New York Extending Northward to Fiftieth St. Surveyed and drawn by John F. Harrison C.E. Published by M. Dripps...1852.
Note 2nd ed., 1st map to show all NY lots & buildings. Precursor of the fire maps first published by Perris in 1852, later by Sanborn and Bromley. Border has views of important city buildings.
Dripps, Matthew
City And County Of New - Yor …
Wall Map
Authors Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map Of That Portion Of The City And County Of New - York North Of 50th St. Surveyed & Drawn by R.A. Jones, C.E. Published by M. Dripps, 103 Fulton St. N.Y. 1851. (inset) Westchester County.
Note 1st edition. 3 vignettes. See the other large Dripps map of NYC (1852). This is the rarer of the two. Shows topography, unlike the other map. With hand painted color. Lacks rollers.
King, M. G. (Malcolm G.)
Map of Oakland, Alameda and …
Wall Map
Authors King, M. G. (Malcolm G.)
Full Title Map of Oakland, Alameda and Vicinity, Showing Plan of Streets as Opened and Proposed, Compiled from the most Reliable Public & Private Surveys, Published by M.G. King C.E.
Note Earlier than other Phillips Oakland maps. This may be the first wall map of Oakland. It is the first large scale map of the Oakland/Alameda area in Vogdes.
Eldridge, George
Chart From Cape Cod To Belle …
Wall Map
Authors Eldridge, George
Full Title Eldridge's Chart From Cape Cod To Belle Isle, Including the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence and Banks of Newfoundland ... From the latest surveys by the United States, Admiralty, French Marine & George Eldridge. 1866. Published by E.W. Carpenter. Geo. Eldridge, Hydrographer. Sold by S. Thaxter & Son. 125 State St. Boston. Entered ... 1864 ... Massachusetts. G.W. Boynton Sc. (with) seven insets listed in Notes.
Note Seven insets listed from title: The Coast of Nova Scotia From Cape Canso To Pictou, The Coast Of Cape Breton From Scatari To Sydney, And The Harbors of St. Johns N.F., St. John N.B., Halifax, Miramichi, & Cape Canso. Eldridge charts were published up to the 1930's. They were unsubsidized and therefore more expensive than the Coast Survey charts. Bluebacked with red dots signifying fixed lights and lighthouses.
Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning
The Cottage Ornament.
Wall Map
Authors Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning
Full Title The Cottage Ornament Published By Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning, 156 William St., New York. (with) Double hemisphere map of the World (with) untitled map of the United States with inset map of Mexico.
Note Map on sticks is primarily filled with drawings and information including people from many nations in traditional dress, a map of the solar system, U.S. historical drawings, pictures of the Presidents, and buildings from around the World.
Atwood, J.M., Ensigns & Thay …
Pictorial Map Of The United …
Wall Map
Authors Atwood, J.M., Ensigns & Thayer
Full Title Pictorial Map Of The United States. 1847. Published By Ensigns & Thayer, 36 Ann Street, New York. Drawn & Engraved by J.M. Atwood, New York. Entered ... 1847, by Phelps, Ensign's & Thayer ... New York. Printed by Miller & Boyle, No. 102 Broadway, N.Y. (inset) Map Of Mexico.
Note Map has blue cloth edging and is without rollers. Full color by state or territory. Map is surrounded by vignettes of the history of America as well as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Ensigns & Thayer
Ornamental Map Of The United …
Wall Map
Authors Ensigns & Thayer
Full Title Ornamental Map Of The United States & Mexico. Map Of The United States And Mexico. Published by Ensign, Thayer & Co., 50 Ann St., New York, And 127 Main St., Buffalo. Entered ... 1848, by Ensigns & Thayer ... New York. Sowle & Ward, 43 Cornhill, Boston.
Note Same as the 1848 edition, but shows different states in the western U.S. Also eliminates the Table of Distances in Mexico. This map is mounted as a wall map. Blanchard's name is dropped. Date is estimated from the U.S. western states. Map is surrounded by drawings including pictures of Generals Taylor and Scott, a panoramic view from New York to the Pacific Ocean by the "contemplated Oregon railroad," the Great Temple destroyed by Cortez in 1521 and "The Halls of the Montezumas." With black top and bottom sticks. Full color by state or territory.
Bancroft, H.H., Knight, W.H.
Bancroft's Map Of The Pacifi …
Wall Map
Authors Bancroft, H.H., Knight, W.H.
Full Title Bancroft's Map Of The Pacific States. Compiled By Wm. Henry Knight. Published by H.H. Bancroft & Co. Booksellers and Stationers, San Francisco, Cal. 1867. Entered ... 1867, by H.H. Bancroft & Company ... California.
Note Highly detailed, important map. 1st edition 1863. This map was the "mother" map for Bancroft's several issues of the pocket map versions of the northern and southern halves of this map, as well as for many later issues of this map. It is wonderfully detailed, full of endless information on the western states, information that is found in few other maps of the same period. It differs from the 1863 edition in not having an inset map of Hawaii and in showing Montana and Idaho. With black top and bottom rollers. Full color by county, outlined by state.
Vance, David H., Finley, Ant …
Map Of The United States
Wall Map
Authors Vance, David H., Finley, Anthony
Full Title Map Of The United States Of North America. Compiled from the Latest And Most Authentic Information By David H. Vance. Philadelphia Published by Anthony Finley. Entered according to Act of Congress. Engraved by J.H. Young. 1833. (inset) Map Of North America Including All The Recent Geographical Discoveries. (inset) Comparative Elevation of the Principal Mountains and Hills in the United States. (inset) Topographical View of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
Note This 1833 edition is later than any recorded edition (Karrow shows editions of 1825, 1829, and 1831). There are numerous changes from the 1825 edition: the addition of counties in the developing states, changes to the statistical table to include the census of 1830, new roads, the reduction of Arkansas Territory, and the addition of three canal profiles, two of which replace the steamboat route table and the other placed above the main title. Without rollers. Full color by state or territory.
La Tourette, John
Map of the State of Alabama
Wall Map
Authors La Tourette, John
Full Title An Accurate Map of the State of Alabama and West Florida: Carefully compiled from the original surveys of the General Government, designed to exhibit at one view each Section and Fractional Section, so that each person can point to the tract on which he lives, By John La Tourette, Mobile, Ala. Engraved by S. Stiles & Co. New York. Anno Domini 1838. Printed by Colton & Co.
Note A very early sectional map of Alabama showing land owners and extensive cultural and topographical detail.
Rand McNally and Company
California and Nevada.
Wall Map
Authors Rand McNally and Company
Full Title The Rand-McNally New County and Railroad Map Of California And Nevada. Copyright, 1912, Rand, McNally & Co. Chicago ... (with 5 inset maps).
Note This is a fine example of Rand McNally's better work at the turn of the century - the main map of California and Nevada is clearly executed in printed color, with three inset maps of the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Congressional Districts are shown in California, railroads, steamship lines, and the map is bordered by two physical maps of Nevada and California, as well as photographic views of the capitals, scenery, ships, etc. The verso has a complete town index with population. With black top and bottom rollers. Full printed color by county.
Varle, Charles P.
United States.
Wall Map
Authors Varle, Charles P.
Full Title Map of the United States By Chas. Varle, Engineer and Geographer. New York, 1832. Revised and Republished by R. Stebbins & Co. (with) inset Map of North America. (with) inset map of South Part of Florida. (with) inset Physical Sections from "Washington City to Wheeling and from thence to the mouth of Columbia river" and from the "Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico."
Note With black top and bottom sticks, mounted on linen. Outline color on main and inset maps. Physical sections differ in scale.
Lay, Amos
United States.
Wall Map
Authors Lay, Amos
Full Title Lay's Map of the United States. Compiled from the Latest and best Authorities and Actual Surveys By Amos Lay, Geographer and Map Publisher New York 1832. Engraved by O.H. & D.L. Throop & Wm. Chapin, New York. O.H. Throop, del. Entered ... May 8th 1827 By Amos Lay ... New York. (inset) Florida.
Note Changes from the 1828 edition include: the Michigan Peninsula has been completely redrawn (probably following Tanner's 1832 Map of the United States, our #4406), the Statistical Tables have been filled in for 1830, and Texas is extensively altered adding much of the information from the Steven Austin Map of Texas of 1830, although incorrectly placing Galveston at the mouth of the Trinity River. Lay's showing of Texas in this edition, while not correct in every respect, is the best detailed depiction of Texas on any large map of the United States until Tanner's 1836 edition of his Map of the United States. With black top and bottom rollers, and light yellow cloth edging. Map is unvarnished and has blue outline color by state.
Lester, William Jun.
Map of New London and Windha …
Wall Map
Authors Lester, William Jun.
Full Title Map of New London and Windham Counties In Conn. from Actual Survey.
Note One of the first county wall maps of a New England state. Nothing is known about William Lester and this and the Norwich map may be the only maps he made. There are eight inset maps of towns in the counties and a large inset "Geological Map of Windham & New London Counties From the surveys of Lt. W.W. Mather, U.S.M.A. 1832." A small red paste on label says "Colored And Put Up by C.S. Williams, N. Haven, Conn." One of the insets shows the projected Boston, Norwich & New London Rail Road - the earliest charting of a Connecticut railroad (Thompson). The map is exceedingly well done, with the drawing and the engraving of the highest quality for the period. It is rare - the only reference found was in Thompson's listing.
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