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Philip, George
British Isles railways.
World Atlas
Authors Philip, George
Full Title British Isles railways. George Philip & Son, Ltd. The London Geographical Institute. (1922)
Note Color lithographed map. Inset maps: Glasgow District -- Edinburgh District -- Leeds District -- Liverpool & Manchester District -- Birmingham District -- Nottingham District -- Potteries District -- Newcastle District -- London District. Shows named railroads, shipping routes, counties, etc.
Vivien St Martin, L., Schrad …
Iles Britanniques.
World Atlas
Authors Vivien St Martin, L., Schrader
Full Title Iles Britanniques. Carte 15. Dessine par T. Weinreb, la topographie par F. Prudent. Librarie Hachette. Imp. Dufrenoy 6-30. Grave par E. Delaune, la lettre par Er. Dumas-Vorxet.
Note Number and title also on outside front of sheet. Lithographed. Folded. Full color. Subdivisions outlined in pink. Relief shown by shading and hachures. Insets Shetland and Orkney Islands, and London at scale 1:200,000. Meridian Paris.
Flemming, Carl, Berghaus, He …
Grossbritannien, Ireland.
World Atlas
Authors Flemming, Carl, Berghaus, Heinrich, Sohr, Karl
Full Title Grossbritannien und Ireland. Entw. u. gez. von F. (H)andtke. (Louis?) Thomas lith. Druck u. Verlag von C. Flemming in Glogau. (1855)
Note Hand colored lithographed map. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Ferro, Greenwich and Paris.
Fullback Academy
Settlements, congregations i …
Religious Atlas
Authors Fullback Academy
Full Title Settlements and congregations of the Moravia in Great Britain and Ireland (compiled from the most recent and authentic sources, by the teachers of the Fullback Academy, 1853)
Note Two columns of text.
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