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French, Edwin Davis, 1851-19 …
President White Library
Diiscipalus est prioris post …
Description States, "President White Library Cornell University;" features the monogram "PWL" with a a ribbon intertwined that statet "Diiscipalus est prioris posterior dies." Unsigned.
Format 1 print : col., 10 x 8 cm.
Language Latin, English
Artist French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-19 …
Sedgwick, Robert
Confido in domino
Description States, "Robert Sedgwick" with motto "Confido in domino;" features a shield with a helmet divided verically with five bells in the left section and a lion and two thistle in the right section. Features a crest with a lion trippant. Signed at bottom left "E.D.French fect. 1896."
Format 1 print : col., 11 x 10 cm.
Language Latin
Artist French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-19 …
The Club of Odd Volumes
Description States, "The Club of Odd Volumes Founded 1897;" depicts a bearded man reading an open book in a library setting. Also features an emblem for "Bostonia" and a shield with an open book. Signed at bottom right"E.D. French 1899."
Format 1 print : b&w, 12 x 9 cm.
Artist French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
Pyle, H., French, Edwin Davi …
Players, The
Either For Traged Comedy His …
Description States, "The Players. Either for Tragedy, Comedy, History: Hamlet Act II, Scene II;" depicts a Grecian goddess playing a lyre. Signed at bottom "J. Pyle E.D.F. Sc. 1894."
Format 1 print : col., 17 x 10 cm.
Language English
Artist Pyle, H., French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-19 …
Union League Club, The
Description States, "The Union League Club, New York: Presented by The Union League Club to the Librarian of the Mechanic Institute;" depicts an open library setting with bookshelves, chairs, arches, and vaulted ceilings. Signed "EDF 1900."
Format 1 print : col., 12 x 9 cm.
Artist French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-19 …
Wendell, Barrett
Description States, "Barrett Wendell;" depicts a window with a view of a shield containing a ship and anchors, a helmet, a ship, and a ribbon that states "Evert Iansen Wendell Regerenden Dyaken. 1656." Signed at bottom "EDF 1898."
Format 1 print : col., 8 x 6 cm.
Artist French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906
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