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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Tanner, Henry S.
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North America, N.W. Sheet..
Henry Tanner
Atlas Map
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Engraved. Countries and states differentiated by full color. Major relief depicted by hachures. Inset of western Alleutian Islands. "The Great Bear Lake has not yet been visited (by Europeans) but is represented by the natives as of an immense extent, stretching far away to the Northward and Westward." (Quote form Harmon).
cf P1376.
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North America
Canada; United States
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N. America, N.W. Sheet. American Atlas. (1833)
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H.S. Tanner & Co.
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Tanner, Henry S.
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A New American Atlas Containing Maps Of The Several States of the North American Union, Projected and drawn on a Uniform Scale from Documents found in the public Offices of the United States and State Governments, and other Original and Authentic Information, By Henry S. Tanner ... Philadelphia: Published By Henry S. Tanner. 1825.
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cf P1376.
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18 maps on 22 sheets. 4th edition, 1833 (late), title page dated 1825. It is difficult to call either this or the 1833 (early) an edition - they are really compilations of maps that Tanner had on hand in 1833 or 1834 when he issued the atlases. This copy has eight maps that have dates or contents that are later than the 1833 (early) issue, three maps that are earlier, and seven maps than are the same. As with the 1833 (early) issue, this copy has eight maps that are earlier than the 1825 edition maps (although these eight are not the same eight that are in the 1833 (early) issue. The title page, index and memoir are the same as 1833 (early). Pennsylvania and New Jersey are now titled "A Map of The Canals & Railroads Of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the Adjoining States... 1833." Maps of North and South Carolina and of Kentucky and Tennessee are dated 1827; maps of Africa and of Asia are dated 1828; South America is a mixed edition, the top dated 1823, the bottom 1818; the four sheet North America map is dated 1825 and includes the 1825 dated boundary between Russian and British America, making it the latest of the four states in our four copies of the atlas; the Illinois and Missouri map is dated 1833; Ohio and Indiana is between the 1823 and 1825 issues, making a fourth state of the map. Phillips 1376 is similar to this copy, except that Virginia is dated 1833 and North America 1829. One possible reason for Tanner's inconsistent assembly of these 1833 atlases is his production at the same time of the parts (1832-35) for his New Universal Atlas which eventually replaced the New American Atlas (Ristow p. 200).
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World Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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N. America, N.W. Sheet. American Atlas. (1833)